Metal Gear Rising Gameplay Vids Showcase Acrobatics and Free Slicing

Two new gameplay videos from GamesCom 2012 showcase some high flipping acrobatics and free slicing action from Konami's upcoming Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Click through to watch!

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ReadyBodyReggie2789d ago

Why don't we get to play as Snake? Raiden is a sissy boy.

h311rais3r2789d ago

I don't know If you noticed but the game is called metal gear RISING revengance.

The RISING is in place instead of of SOLID to indicate its not about snake.

If anything it should of been a game about GREY FOX

doogiebear2789d ago

Who cares? Where's Metal Gear Online 3?!

HeavenlySnipes2789d ago

Game is basically Afro Samurai with an over the top non MG story. Afro Samurai was a fun game though

belac092789d ago

i think it looks sick. im a huge MGS fan and i welcome any addition, MGS 5 is in production anyways so all the haters can wait for that.