Complete Darksiders 2 Boss Battle Walkthroughs

THQ and Vigil Games have released a series of new videos for Darksiders II giving players some hints and tips for battling the bosses. Vigil associate producer Jay Fitzloff hosts the videos offering some background and tips with his commentary.

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AO1JMM2789d ago

LOL, I need all the help I can get. I am currently struggling with the Construct Hulk on Apocalyptic setting.

The Meerkat2789d ago

I'm currently STILL waiting to get the game because I'm
in the UK.

This has been one hell of a long week.

AO1JMM2788d ago

LMAO!!! We both received disagrees? For what?

Apparently I am not struggling with that boss and do not need help and you are not waiting to receive your copy of the game.