Buy one, get one 50% off select games and other deals at Best Buy this week

XMNR: After last week's Summer Blowout Sale, Best Buy's game deals for the week of Sunday, August 19 are much more sedate. It is offering a buy one, get one 50% off deal on a selection of over 220 PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, 3DS and DS games as well as free digital comics with Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. Don't expect any deals with the launch of the Nintendo 3DS XL though. All the retailer is offering is a free universal case. You may be able to price match Fry's if you have one in your area though.

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YoungPlex2781d ago

Got mine! :) Man, it's way better than the original which kind of makes me angry... I transferred my ambassador games, and all other content with no problems. What makes me angry is that Nintendo should've launched with the XL size in the first place, I mean hell, they already had a DSi XL so they knew that it was a better deal. But I guess I understand as the tech was probably not available at the time. Glasses-free 3D never looked so damn beautiful till today...

StreetsofRage2781d ago

Lol @ 7 disagrees. Must be sore Vita owners.

Anyways, I might pick up NBA Jams! That was always fun back in the days.

NeoTribe2781d ago

No, I think its the fact that he said he's getting two of them.

takohma2782d ago

What about Vita?!?!? Second article I read that doesn't include Vita.

Queasy2782d ago

Vita isn't included in the buy 1, get one half off sale. In fact, there really aren't any Vita deals at Best Buy this week.

takohma2782d ago

Thanks was going to check out bestbuy today. You just saved me some gas money. Would you happen to have any idea when the Sony MSRP price drop happens for some of the vita games and what countries it applies to? N4g had an article about it a few days ago.

Mounce2782d ago

Yea, I'm really waiting for a damn Vita game sale so I can pick something up to play :/ Probably would go for Unit 13 since it was plenty-decent, I'm tired of Uncharted though and AC Liberation isn't out yeetttt....

Queasy2781d ago

@takohma: no idea on vita game price drops. I'd expect the launch games to be discounted regularly starting the next couple of months though.

Bloodraid2781d ago

Meh, nothing exciting here. Move on, folks.