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GR: "The minute I first got wind that Sony would be bringing us a brawler in the vein of Super Smash Bros., I knew instantly that this would inevitably be a terrible decision for the company. Now don't misunderstand me, I'm not adverse to the game because it rips off Nintendo's popular brawler. I am against the concept because Sony simply can't pull it off."

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knifefight2790d ago

"I am against the concept because Sony simply can't pull it off"
^ I feel like this is exactly what people said in like 1993 when the company announced it was going to make a game platform.

Hicken2790d ago

I wonder what even makes them think that?

"... Sony's library of first-party franchises doesn't lend itself to a character mash-up brawler."

THAT'S the reason? As if SSB's characters mesh ANY better?


Somebody please tell me such a sad excuse for writing won't get approved.

Nitrowolf22790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

What a stupid reason indeed.
Sounds to me when he spoke of that he was also saying later that there is no unity among the characters? What does that even mean. I mean what does Zelda have anything to do with Super Mario other then the fact that they are Nintendo? That's like Kratos and Sackboy right there if you ask me.

There are plenty of PS characters, just as much as Nntendo and each of their characters have no common similarities other then the fact that they are Nintendo/Sony.

"The reason Super Smash Bros. is such a beloved game franchise has everything to do with the fact that it capitalizes on Nintendo's strengths. Sony clearly is adept in different areas, namely quality single-player experiences. So instead of copying Nintendo, Sony would have been far better off pouring their resources into a new IP, or (dare I say) better marketing for their tragically overlook exclusive titles."

Well lets see:

Beyond Two Souls
Last of Us
A bunch of new games announced at Gamescom
Last Gaurdian,
the list goes on. Sony has been doing this for a very long time

morganfell2790d ago Show
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JellyJelly2789d ago Show
TBM2789d ago

i only knew 4-6 characters in ssbm the rest my friend had to give me the rundown on them lol.

XabiDaChosenOne2789d ago

@Jellyjelly "If you actually read the article it takes up some valid concerns."

Nitrowolf22789d ago


I did read the article and even grabbed quotes.

All those "valid" concerns can be used on SSB. His main argument is that the characters don't mash well because they are completely unrelated to one another -_-

telekineticmantis2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

but we don't yet have a clue to what brings these characters together, it's called all-stars... maybe that has something to do with the concept.

This game can't get slack for being a Rip Off and being too different at the same time. that's an oxymoron, choose one and continue...

But you're right Ness... Sonic... Ice Climbers?... Mario & Zelda in a game is like putting Nathan drake and Crash Bandicoot in a game, same developer, totally different designs and concepts.

Tito082789d ago

@ Jelly- I guess you don't know who the fuck is Alex Osborn, he's like the biggest Sony hater of all, or better say, worst gaming journalists, he appears on every fucking site to talk shit about the PS brand and their games... And he happens to also be in,he likes to troll everywhere!!!!

Nimblest-Assassin2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Huh... this author has a point.... I mean a god fighting a serial killer a princess and a racoon makes as much sense as an italian plumber fighting a dinosaur, a bounty hunter and an elf

Its completely ridiculous /s

I want to get into this beta, because in the end, its how fun the game is that matters in this genre

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showtimefolks2790d ago

OP you just another hater hating on this game. People get over it. Right now the development team has most of the fighting game people working on this title so it can't all that bad.

and everyone i know who has played the beta has praised it. Let's see when its released till than shut up.

Nintendo fanboys so you hate darksiders because its too much like zelda too? almost every game takes some other games idea and do 2 thing either copy and paste or improve on it. Let's hope this game brings something new to the table.

every day we have to get another article on why the game will be bad. If people are hating on this game that much than there must be something sony is doing right. And i hope they announce more 3rd party characters who the heck cares whether that mesh together. Its called battle royal so anything and any goes.

alexcosborn2789d ago

So unless I'm willing praise the game before its release I should shut up?

If you don't agree with my opinion that is fine, but I should be able to share my feelings on the game regardless of whether or not it is in line with yours.

Eyeco2789d ago

I don't care to much for the game either but then again i can see th appeal allot of people do, allot of people are looking forward to this game, so anything I can say against the game is pretty much irrelevant.
That said I would rather Sony have remade Bushido Blade instead that game was an incredible ps1 fighter

knifefight2789d ago

Sony didn't make Bushido Blade though, that was Squaresoft (now known as Square Enix).

Nimblest-Assassin2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Its a really bad reason to complain about

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smashcrashbash2790d ago

Come on we heard all this before.We heard the whole 'Sony can't pull it off' story. And Nintendo can pull it off simply because they are Nintendo. No matter how hard you try to convince anyone SSB characters didn't mix well either. You pretend that they do but watching Jiggly Puff and Kirby fight Snake or Samus or Ganon never fit well at all. It is as strange as Sly and Parappa fight Drake and Kratos. If you ever played SSB at all many characters were twice as big as others like King Koopa and some practically miniscule compare to others.It is just the fanboy delusion that the characters fit well together in SSB while they didn't really at all.

And don't tell me that they did. I played SSBB all the time and it never escaped me how awkward fighting Ness was with Samus and Marth. And BTW i would like to again point out that many characters in Nintendo's line up are characters not used in decades and that despite fanboy delusions several of Sony characters are well known like Parappa,Sir Dan,Spike,Heihachi and Sweet Tooth? Am I the only one who remembers that hundreds of millions of people owned PlayStations back then and that many modern gamers still remember these people and that many modern gamers haven't a clue who Marth, Ness,Pit,Ice Climbers, ROB or Mr Game and Watch are?

More people probably know who Sly,Jak and Ratchet are more then they know who Ness and Ice Climbers are. Just because Nintendo dug them from out of their basement after not using them for twenty plus years doesn't make them relevant. Sony has modern relevance on their side. Nintendo has to dig up the distant ancient past just to fill out their roster

HammadTheBeast2789d ago

The thing is, if you make these type of games, the whole appeal is that the characters don't fit, yet are somehow put together to kick ass.

This kills the guys whole argument.

Xof2790d ago

Great. I'd love to tell you about all the games I'm not interested in, but I'm not interested enough to bother.

scotchmouth2789d ago

Ha! One of the better replies I've read here!

miyamoto2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

You pounded it into his head!

smashcrashbash2790d ago

And also like has been said time and time again it would be simple as mashing buttons to get a super attack IF people stood still and just let you hit them but between rolls, guard breaks, dodges and other assorted moves it is not that simple. You also have to avoid being hit or destroyed or else you will still lose in the end.People still talk as if all you have t5o do is press a few buttons and you automatically win. Do you really think that that your opponents will just allow you to do this. Also how is this so much different then SSB? Besides falls and certain weapons you couldn't knock anyone away unless you used a smash attack. So how is it any different from pushing the attack button as fast as you can to get a 100% to do a smash?

SageHonor2790d ago

I think the game is gonna be good. I dont think it'll sell as well as i hope though

ThatArtGuy2790d ago

I think it'll be a sleeper. Modest at first, then better as it sells and word of mouth starts happening. I think the proof will be in the pudding.

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