Fallout: New Vegas Modder Restores Cut Content And Proves Why We Need Modding Tools For Our Games

DSOGaming writes: "Now this is precisely why we love mods and why developers should offer modding tools for their games. Obsidian’s Fallout: New Vegas is considered a gem and what Fallout 3 should be in the first place. Did you know however that the development team has cut content from the game and altered some areas in order to overcome the console hardware limitations? Of course and you didn’t, though you should expect it as Obsidian has also cut content from KOTOR 2. And as with KOTOR 2, a modder decided to restore the cut content in Fallout: New Vegas and introduce features that were originally meant to be included."

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LordHighCameron2778d ago

Sweet. Gotta love modder restoration projects - despite the KotOR 2 restoration being dead in the water. I wish a company like Overhaul Games would pick up KotOR 2 and restore it.

MAJ0R2778d ago

Lots of game companies don't do it because nowadays it's become bad for business.

They want to control everything about their game, and milk the hell out of it with DLC. Hell, even Skyrim modding tools were apparently very limited compared to past modding tools.

dktxx22778d ago

Um, I don't think so. I've never heard anyone complain that the Skyrim editor was limited, just buggy as hell.

-Mika-2778d ago

Games are expensives to make. So developers really need to find ways to get a profit.

MAJ0R2777d ago

I've talked to modders on the official Bethesda forums who said that it will take years for them to get around the limitations and bugs as well.

Ducky2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

That's how investors see it.

In reality, I'm not so sure.
They might lose out on DLC sales, but they'll also gain more purchases by people who are interested in the mods.
Some games like Stalker have improved vastly due to mods, and Arma2 got a massive boost of popularity from DayZ. Half-Life probably benefited from mods the most out of any game.

Bethesda's games are similarly bought by people because, while most know that there'll be a fair deal of bugs, they also know that there'll be a modding community that will breathe life into the game for years. They still find a way to sell DLC too.

CaptCalvin2777d ago

You make profit by making your game so that people see it as something that's worth their money.

john22777d ago

Ironically, ArmA 2's sales were boosted by a simple mod. Imagine what we'd get if we had modding tools in more games today. I mean, look at the Quake/Quake 2 mods and total conversions. Man, I so miss Aliens Quake :/

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Irishguy952778d ago

This might come as a shock to you...

Kotor 2 restoration project was picked back up and completed

NewVegasTroop2777d ago

go to the deadly forums .com and the restoration mod has been completed, its on version 1.7 and they are working on 1.8 to fix bugs and stuff but all the cut content is already restored.

just checked the deadyforums and version 1.8 is out :D

Tetsujin2778d ago

This may be sort of off-topic, but when Windows 8 comes out, and I already ready about how they're doing gaming, what's going to happen to the pc mods of games?

dktxx22778d ago

Nothing. MS only has restrictions on software through the metro store, and since the metro ui is optional, gamers will be fine. That is unless, game companies began developing exclusively for metro, which has a snowball's chance in hell of happening.

Somebody2777d ago

I thought the gaming side of Windows 8 is through the integrated X Box LIVE platform...which is not mod friendly. Not to mention the focus on mobile devices, social stuff, cloud, DLCs and free to play. None of those are mod friendly.

So yes, I'm worried how Windows 8 will affect the core nature of PC gaming.

dktxx22777d ago

Microsoft can't really force any of that on gamers or game developers. If a game developer doesn't want to use xbox live for the pc, they don't have to. It just means they can't release their app in the metro store, which I don't think core game developers want to do anyway.

The metro app store is what is closed, but the normal desktop interface is as free as it ever was, and Microsoft can't ever do anything about that, so says the US government. That's what that whole antitrust lawsuit was about if I remember correctly.

mynameisEvil2778d ago

If you're a gamer, I have to ask: Why do you even care about Windows 8? Most of the gaming industry knows that Windows 8 is, as Gabe Newell put it, a catastrophe. Just don't go near it and pray for it to fail so that Microsoft can learn that they aren't Apple.

Just stick to Windows 7.

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TheObserver2777d ago

Mods can extend the life of a game for years and years. I still go back to HL2 now and then and look for mods that pops up along the way.

Mods negate the needs for paid DLC, and of course a lot of sheep will buy DLCs on consoles. Like map packs... a ridiculous way to dime and penny your customers and fans. Not to mention cut the player population into haves and have nots.