Bioware: “The real EA doesn’t hurt (us)”; confirms future ME3 DLC

"A Q&A session with several BioWare employees and community managers earlier today revealed the company's thoughts about about its parent company, EA, as well as teasers about the company's next title and content (sadly, it's not Jade Empire)."

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user54670072255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

What a load of bullcrap

They don't give you the freedom man thats the problm, ME3 felt rushed and the ending didn't help, although that was bad writting on your part. I mean fans give you a way out with the amazing theory they put out but you didn't take it

"I don’t believe so but that is far above my pay grade!...Harby as he’s affectionately called is just one of many many reapers. He was important in ME2 because he was the herald, the reaper who scouted ahead and foreshadowed what was to come"

Still you guys established him as the main reaper Shepard would most likely come head to head with so people didn't feel they were just battling any other reaper in the final fight. He finally shows up on earth just as your about to finish the fight in your final assault but then blasts you back with a laser. I honestly thought "Right this is's time to battle that b*stard and finish him off once and for fall" BUT THEN we get the crappy ending. Harbinger just flies away, not even checking if you are dead, so much for being a intellectual being huh and then totaly "misses" the Normandy who is in the area...and even though he misses them, dosen't go after them, the guys who have been helping Shepard stop the Reapers.

Honestly if they went with the Indoctrination Theory they could of done a massive Epilouge DLC where Shepard wakes up after being hit by the laser and managed to win his own Indoctrination which sends Harbinger into "rage mode" because he knows he will loose if Shepard gets any futher so they have a massive level where Shepard needs to fight through another section of London in another final assault to reach Harbinger and have a one on one fight. Once you defeat him, he relises that the cycle is broken or Shepard realises that Harbingers defeat singals the other Reapers t fall back (or some ending scenario) and then a nice lovey ending.

.....sadly we didn't get that but thats what happened in my mind....thats how I will remember the ME trilogy ending.

Godmars2902255d ago

You're ignoring/missing an important and telling detail: how do you know the Reaper that comes down and blasts Shepard towards the end is Harbinger?

While its somewhat forgivable in a game to have one character point to some shape and say, "Hey! Its THAT bad guy!" with no other indication, in a story that's Ed Wood level lazy storytelling.

Nitrowolf22255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

what I find funny is them referring to EA as the "real" one. Didn't know there were other ones out there lol

they prob. mean subdivisions though or the EA that is in charge of all region EA

2254d ago
SilentNegotiator2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

The title should be: "EA: “The real EA doesn’t hurt (us)”"

Bioware is a subsidiary. They ARE Electronic Arts. They're not going to say bad of themselves, or else they will be promptly fired.

This is like a manager of a corporate store saying "This chain of stores is great! Corporate treats us very well!" an interview for Corporations Monthly.

Only the biggest of fool fans would go "Well, if he says so! It must be true! It's not like his superiors are going to read this when it's published and fire him if he says something negative that could only hurt their image!"

nrvalleytime2255d ago

It's unfortunate, really. We know they cat say anything too specific about EA, but I'd hate to see time be the only way we uncover what's going on at the studio. We saw that happen two months ago with the Kingdoms of Avalar developer, and it wasn't pretty. I don't think BioWare will go that route, but we're on the outside looking in.

sjaakiejj2254d ago

This sentence was aimed at you:
"So how do I answer this with you believing my answer is genuine and not influenced or whatever?"

Think about it, would EA really gain anything out of treating Bioware like shit? They bought the company because of their talent, and demonstrated ability to make games. Why would it be in their interest to destroy that work ethic?

GUNS N SWORDS2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

@ MikeCosgrove


I thought i read Hamburger. lol, i need to get my rest it's 3 AM where I'm at.

fossilfern2254d ago

Your right ME3 did feel rushed and I'm not just judging the game on its ending, im talking about the entire game. It just felt like a Sci-Fi TPS with lacking content compared to ME1 and 2. To be fair ME2 felt more like a TPS than an RPG but the areas you explored and the missions you went on were so much more interesting compared to ME3.

Heavenly King2254d ago

I also wanted to fight Harbringer :(

lonesoul652254d ago

ya know...what is truly lost here is imagination. No one freaked out when Inception left the story up to USE YOUR BRAIN. I personally really enjoyed ME3 and had no real issue with the end of the game. Sometimes not knowing everything, is knowing enough. It's kinda sad to me that someone can tell another person that their vision of something just isn't good enough. Will never make sense to me but I guess some things just aren't supposed to .

user54670072254d ago games

Two very differn't things

Lets not forget Nolan is a genius when it comes to script writting and directing.

lonesoul652253d ago

I totally agree that they are two different mediums and you are correct about he Genius comment = ) Nice to get a constructive comment instead of a flame...thanks MikeC = )

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NewZealander2255d ago

for some reason i kept reading "pay grade" as "gay parade" lol

plus the indoctrination theory sucked, thank god they didn't take that option!

Knight_Crawler2255d ago

Its called Dyslexia and you should get it checked out by a doctor before it gets any worst.

Dyslexia is a very broad term defining a learning disability that impairs a person's fluency or comprehension accuracy in being able to read,[1] and which can manifest itself as a difficulty with phonological awareness, phonological decoding, orthographic coding, auditory short-term memory, or rapid naming.[2][3]

Dyslexia is distinct from reading difficulties resulting from other causes, such as a non-neurological deficiency with vision or hearing, or from poor or inadequate reading instruction.[4][5] It is believed that dyslexia can affect between 5 and 10 percent of a given population although there have been no studies to indicate an accurate percentage.

4221852255d ago

Your comment looks like it was copied and pasted from somewhere.

NewZealander2255d ago

hell thanks for getting me all worried lol, off to the quack i go :p

bubblebeam2255d ago


"Its called Dyslexia and you should get it checked out by a doctor before it gets any worst."

Nah, I think your dyslexia is **WORSE** than his. Just my opinion. Yours actually might be the **WORST case I have seen.**

Oh by the way, nice copy paste from Wikipedia lol. You must be mad at that Kiwi guy lol.

Irishguy952255d ago

The indoctrination theory made more sense than the actual ending

zeal0us2255d ago

"Bioware: “The real EA doesn’t hurt (us)”"

So I'm guess the fake EA, the entity that fanboys fantasize doing no evil and the best company in the world, does hurt you?

sjaakiejj2255d ago

Did you even bother to read the article? It's EA's reputation that hurts Bioware, not EA as a company.

Summons752255d ago

yeah your right they only brainwashed you and now your just as greedy as they are

rdgneoz32255d ago

I'm thinking the later seeing how things have turned out lately.

4221852255d ago

Did anyone honestly think they were going to speak against their bosses?

Moby-Royale2255d ago

They were..... indocrinated....

Well that's just my THEORY.

ALLWRONG2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

Tell the first game that

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