Low Subscribers Meant Something Had to Happen, but OnLive Employees Didn’t Expect the End

Kotaku - All of OnLive's 200 employees worked daily with the cloud gaming service's traffic numbers, and knew that something big had to happen for the company around this time of the year. That's not to say everyone expected to lose their jobs together on the same day, no severance, no benefits, no nothing.

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majiebeast2253d ago

200 people lose their jobs and get nothing that really sucks. I bet the buyers of onlive are just gonna do patent play, and see how much money they can squeze out of other cloudbased services.

mcstorm2253d ago

The problem with onlive to me is they were not a name anyone knew and imo did not push it. I do think cloud gaming will become the normal way of playing games in the next 10 years butt i think it will be done through xbox live psn and nintendo network.

FriedGoat2253d ago

I think the problem with Onlive is that we're at an era now where we are all trying to increase our gaming experiences, 1080p, Surround sound, 3D etc. When your using a streaming service it may say that its 1080p but the compression blows and it looks inferior to the originals. Well That's the reason I didn't use it.

HarryMasonHerpderp2253d ago

The reason I stopped using it was because of the fixed graphics. They were considerably low when compared to having it installed and changing the settings and resolution how I want them.

Muffins12232253d ago

Because your not streamIng 1080p..most wfis cant get streamed 1080p and it also depends where the streaming is coming from.Your likly get 720 at highest if your saying it looks bad or maybe even lower for you if its blurry

Mounce2252d ago

I tired of Onlive, yet have now 4 games on it, Amnesia, and the indie game ZenoClash(Because they're basically giving away 5-6 games for free and so-on on their facebook page)

but, I dislike the 1:1 feedback of gameplay, the fuzziness, blurriness, when I tried Gaikai on what shitty internet connection I have to play The Witcher 2? I was fucking blown away by how seamless it was, Onlive just, is inferior in comparison by a long shot, they're competing with others out there that already do better than them and Sony did a smart move by getting Gaikai and NOT Onlive, and even to the console fanboys who compete and go "WHAT IF MICROSOFT GOT ONLIVE HO HO!".... It'd be stupid.

2252d ago
darx2252d ago

@ Mounce, I call BS on the Gaikai seamless stream, you're kissing all over Sony's tip.

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As truly sympathetic as i am to the hardworking people who lost their jobs,
MY GOD do i fucking hope I hope this backs gaming companies off the idea of digital distribution for a while. nifty bits of DLC for games is an awesome idea, but streaming-only consoles? NEVER going to work for me as a person. i understand that games are a difficult and expensive thing to develop, but $60 a pop being the cheapest price around the world for a damn game? by the time it's over im going to want something to show for it. Fuck digital distribution. kill it all off. nothing but pure greed from companies all over.

bumnut2253d ago

DD is here to stay, I can't remember the last time a bought a game on disc for PC.

Streaming will also be popular, but not for another 5 years plus imo.

RavageX2253d ago

With the fact that most broadband companies are doing data caps, digital gaming is a problem.

I personally am not interested in it, I like my physical media, and if digital gaming ever became the mainstream then I'm probably done with gaming.

Too many things can go wrong, hard drives go bad, networks can go down, then what? Without your physical disk you are pretty much stuck.

kevnb2253d ago

Buying digital isn't a big deal unless your cap is really outrageously low, streaming will be an issue though.

Morgue2252d ago

I was trying agree but my 3G service dropped. Stupid AT&T

joab7772252d ago

It will b worked in slowly. Probably a discount offer or something. There's no way that it happens all at once.

Tsalagi2253d ago

I really hate that the people who worked there lost their jobs. I hope they find something else really soon. However, i am glad OnLive didn't take off. It shows publishers and developers that people prefer to own their games instead of "long term renting" them. Plus the internet in most places sucks too much for a streaming service like this anyway. Maybe they should have tried in Japan or Korea?

JellyJelly2253d ago

Just like how people prefer to "own" their music on CD's? /SARCASM

BlmThug2253d ago

Digital Music is very different to Digital videogames

BitbyDeath2253d ago

If all games were under 10mb then i'm sure it'd take off too. Til then it just won't last.

deletingthis346753342252d ago

Hey I buy my music on CD. Don't speak for me. You fail and look like an idiot for doing so.

sagapo2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

I think this technology has a better chance of succeeding on mobile phones and such imo.

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