Capes and Controllers: 5 Game Recommendations with Obscure Superheroes

Everyone loves fantastical elements in their stories. Because it improves upon the escapism and immerses us in something we don’t quite understand in our own lives. That’s why superhero games are a mixed bag. It matters upon the realm and the setting and the person being regarded as the hero in the game as well as his or her fans and their story being considered all at once. A different representation of these characters presented by the designers may take well, or not so well. Luckily, an original story still can easily make for an interesting perspective of the heroic mythos and protect the common man….all that matters is the character.

But there are a number of heroes who have yet to have their own time in the digital spotlight. Most of them have such incredible accolades in their own comics and compilation series, but haven’t brought their own unique perspective to videogames. Many of them deserve such a chance, to be honest, so let’s go down the list.

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