New Details Surface Regarding Undead Labs' Class3

Class3 is the codename for the upcoming third person shooter survival horror game developed by Undead Labs. The game puts a much higher emphasis on your survival; every action, no matter how seemingly insignificant, can lead to your untimely demise.

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Jumper092253d ago

what about some gameplay and screens?

PockyKing2253d ago

PAX is when we are expecting that.

Dougz_G2252d ago

There is some game play here:
The video shows off some of the types of zombies we'll be seeing and showing off some house fortification. I can't wait for the game, they're finally understanding what people want from a zombie game, it's about time too! :D

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32252d ago

Also, this game is an Xbox 360 exclusive.

Zeal0t2252d ago

No it's not an Xbox 360 exclusive. It will be released on PC too.

Zeal0t2252d ago

Sorry i should've added this a bit earlier to back my statement: