5 Franchises Sony Needs to Make Rise From Their Graves

From HalfBeard's HUD. Which Sony franchises though should be given a second chance at glory and which should be left in the dust? Well read on and see our choices for five Sony second-placers that need another shot at the big time.

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remanutd552621d ago

i agree on Dark Cloud, MediEvil and The Legend of Dragoon but i would add Heavenly Sword and Folklore on that list, to me Heavenly Sword and Folklore deserve a second chance and i think it would be very good to see those 2 franchises on the vita as well. Sir Daniel must make a comeback this or next generation or even on the vita, i love MediEvil.

Qrphe2621d ago

Oh man!
This could be their opportunity to make a not-as-costly LoD for the Vita!!!!!!!!!!!

HammadTheBeast2620d ago

Yeah, I would totally buy a Vita for that. Maybe port it to PS3 too. Legend of Dragoon is an awesome game.

MastaMold2621d ago

Sony should bring back Jet Moto and have Evolution Studios make the game and I also want Syphon Filter to make a return for PS3 or PS Vita

poolsharky272620d ago

Agreed whole-heartedly with Folklore. Still one of my favorite games this gen, and definitely the BEST use of SixAXIS.

And Legend of Dragoon, could easily have a prequel to the first Dragoon war with Zieg and Rose and such.

HammadTheBeast2620d ago

Wow, that's probably one of the most badass ideas I have ever seen. They could have Dragoons, Winglies, the Skeleton Dragon thing, the girl that gave you the Silver Dragoon stone, and basically all of the lore of the game. +Bubs.

WeskerChildReborned2621d ago

What about Jak and Daxter? I really want a current gen or next gen Jak and Daxter.

remanutd552621d ago

i would love to play a new Jack and Daxter but it needs to be similar to The Precursor Legacy, i didnt like Jack2 that much.

PoSTedUP2621d ago

i liked Lost Frontier for the PSP, deff pick it up if you're a jack n daxter fan. #3 was the best imo, i put it above a lot of games. id go back and play #3 and be satisfied; can never get enough of jak.

remanutd552621d ago

yea i liked The Lost Frontier better than Jack 2, yea Jack 3 is good too but to me the best is The Precursor Legacy.

LKHGFDSA2621d ago

but Lost Frontier wasn't by Naughty Dog. It's a phony.

I don't think they'll do another Jak & Daxter, I like to believe ND dedicate a series to each generation, Crash Bandicoot=PS1, Jak & Daxter=PS2 and Uncharted=PS3.
Though that's hardly enough reason NOT to, but reason I reckon it'd be unlikely.

PoSTedUP2620d ago (Edited 2620d ago )

i thought that one was good but i never got to beat it/play the whole thing, only when i went to my cousins cause he had it, and that's when i got into jak n daxter but i bought #2 instead which was ok then i got #3 and that's what did it for me, loved the open world with the buggies and futuristicness of it

user54670072621d ago

I know right...imagine a Jak 4 with a massive open world map like GTA where you can mess around in. You do almost do stuff like in Jak 2 and Jak 3 with the GTA structured mission gameplay but i could be so much more.

remanutd552621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

that would be so awesome!!!!!! they could bring MediEvil ps move on the ps3 with cross buy on the vita

how about Syphon Filter?

NegativeCreep4272621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

Come on Sony. Make Syphon Filter and then develop and market it as some kind of new-age, progressive Splinter Cell!

prototypeknuckles2621d ago

A new parappa the rapper on vita could work

majiebeast2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

I think after the revival of Sly 4 on ps3 and vita we will see Sanzaru games do Jak and Daxter 4 bookmark it. I think sony in general should just do more jrpgs. They should hunt for those type of studio's now that they got so many studio's in europe and america but only PD and japan studio's for Japan.

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