True Achievements Review: Hybrid

Hybrid isn't a new concept at first glance. You have a cover system, firefights, jetpacks, specializations, and abilities, which are common in most shooters. Where Hybrid shines is how it specializes and relies on cover-specific combat. Being able to fly from cover to cover, vault over cover, or post-up behind cover is the real element of Hybrid. At first, you may find the controls to be unfamiliar, and trying to evade enemies while strafing and directing yourself to cover can be unresponsive. Even when you are in cover you may find that, until you are used to maneuvering properly, the controls can be a little clunky and dying becomes natural. Have no fear though, once you grasp even a little bit of an understanding of the game's movement, you will be propelling yourself through the maps blasting every drone and enemy in your way.

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