Kickstarter Focus: Planetary Annihilation

"Developers from Total Annihilation, The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind, Battlespire, and many other games have joined together to create a new game similar to Total Annihilation, but on the scale of a whole Solar System." |

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CrimsonessCross2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

I had a friend bring this up on Facebook. It sounded pretty awesome...I just don't have the money to put into it after pre-purchasing another game :S

(I'm not going to bring a different game in this thread when it's about Planetary Annihilation)

sarydactl2254d ago

No, go ahead, I'm curious :) . I might feature it next week.

CrimsonessCross2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

Lol. as I have your permission. :P

Guild Wars 2? I watched video after video and got addicted. I love the new changes they made. I didn't want to spoil a whole lot for myself but in the end it will help me choose my race/class and give me ideas for the characters I want to make; even gave me a better judgement on whether I would like the game or not. I hope to play this game and make new friends, as I did in Guild Wars 1. I chose it over the other games coming out later on because I want to play and enjoy the company of people :)

I miss when people would group and play together as they did in some other MMOs...maybe I had a unique experience in WoW at the time but I made a lot of friends (although don't talk to any of them anymore, but IN the game they were always fun to hang out) and random people are always fun to run into and even give them aid. It's what made the game and the community great and helped make the world feel like it had more life to it.<3

I can't wait for the game to release. Never played any of the betas so I'll be going in pretty much blind.

AmayaAi2252d ago

Need to keep an eye on this.