How to Pitch Your Indie Game to Sony

Joystiq: "I'm sick of sitting through crap development pitches," Pete Smith, Sony XDev director of product development, told an audience of developers at GDC Europe last week. Smith handles all of the European studios looking to snag a publishing deal on Sony systems, and he helped games such as Heavy Rain and the Motorstorm series race into the public eye.

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Yodagamer2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

I really laughed at that the "what's a vita" thing XD

Brawler2250d ago

"Prototypes should demonstrate fun gameplay, not fancy graphics." My favourite.

HmongAmerican2250d ago

Final Fantasy came to mind.

Brawler2249d ago

totally agree FF does come to mind

majiebeast2250d ago

I think with Psmobile it will only get easier for small devs to get their games on psn but also get a slice of the mobile games market.

This strategy Sony uses hasnt always worked out for them with games like Limbo and Super meat boy not ending up on psn. On the other hand unique games like Journey,Sound shape's,Unfinished swan,Flower and more do show that this strategy does work and that Sony isnt affraid to publish those unique games and give them the attention they deserve.

Wouldve loved to have seen the idea pitch of like LBP or Flower.

doogiebear2250d ago

I really wanna see Sound Shapes's do u even begin to explain it? Awesome game btw.

ABizzel12249d ago

There probably wasn't a pitch.

They probably said just play this.

3GenGames2250d ago

Ha, you don't have to pitch your game at all, whoever wrote this is naive. You have to have people wanting your game. If they'll make money, they'll get you on board. If not? Ha, not a chance in HELL, game designs are a dime a dozen. Thinking of a game is simple stuff, and doesn't interest them in all. Then product does. Only thing that may help your case if you don't have customers waiting is to have a 100% complete version ready for modifications to run on Sonys systems. That's it.

Agent_hitman2250d ago

Tailor your presentation. Pitching a game to Sony with a photo of XBLA controls might be a bad idea. Even Sony wants to feel special.

Moncole2250d ago

If I make an indie game I would rather put it on Steam because more people will see it.