Feature: The Long Suffering Luigi - Nintendo Life

Life is tough for Luigi: always player two, always holding the door open and playing second fiddle. In times gone past he was little more than a sidekick, popping up in various adventures as an extra character but never standing on his own two feet.

Nintendo Life looks at Luigi and his struggle to step out of his older sibling's shadow.

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TheMrFraz2252d ago

Ah, I have such a soft spot for Luigi...someone I built this idea throughout my childhood that Mario was a jerk in the limelight, leaving Luigi to sulk in the background.

Plus, Luigi's Mansion is a lovely game.

2252d ago
TheMrFraz2252d ago

Box art? Surely you haven't seen the cover of Mario Party 9...

Granted, he got a spot on New Super Mario Bros. 2, but it seems like he still gets the backseat unless it's blatantly obvious that he shouldn't.

Ha, but of course this is all just silly talk. No need to start any hot-blooded arguments over Luigi's status. ^_^

ScubaSteve12252d ago

im surprise waluigi hasnt had his own game

CaptainN2251d ago

Luigi Land needs to happen !

thebudgetgamer2251d ago

Poor Luigi, the Fredo of the Mario universe.