Final Fantasy III PSP scan

Take a look at a new scan of Final Fantasy III for PSP.

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Snookies122255d ago

This looks great and all, but DO THIS FOR FFVI ALREADY ENIX!

Capt-FuzzyPants2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

Just be patient. Once the Vita version of FF4 comes out we'll get FF5 on a portable console and then we'll need another version of FF4 for a home console AND THEN we'll get FF6.

Snookies122255d ago

Yeah, that's true... They do need to make at least 15 versions of FF4 first...

Whitey2k2255d ago

this is pure bull come on how many remakes they wanna do on this and they dont give a damn on remaking 6 , 7 and 8

knifefight2253d ago

This isn't a remake, it's a port. Yes, it's a port OF a remake, but they're not making FF3 again, they're just PORTing the DS version.