CVG - Trine 2: Director's Cut: Finnish Lord of the Rings looks stunning on Wii U

CVG: "Had Tolkien been born 60 years later and grown up in Finland, there's a very high possibility he might have worked on Trine 2: Director's Cut."

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TopDudeMan2278d ago

The opening quote just made me laugh out loud.

As fun a game as trine is, it's story really isn't anywhere near as interesting or as engrossing as the hobbit or lord of the rings.

Yodagamer2278d ago

Man the 2d games on the wii u just keep looking more and more amazing :), man i love 2d XD

taquito2278d ago

wii u is going to be awesome, i can feel it!!

cannot wait

here's hoping for 1080p every game, and major increase in anti aliasing over ps3/360

Darukain2278d ago

This game isn't getting the publicity it deserves.