Devil May Cry 4 - Story Spoilers

So, Devil May Cry 4 is already out in Japan, and Youtube User Kalelulen already post many videos of the game with a lot of spoilers. Some of them are very interesting. You can see them in the link below.

Be advised, the video below contains spoilers about Dante & Nero.


Kalelulen already uploaded the ending of the game, so if you're are very anxious to see it, go to link below now.

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Joey Gladstone4377d ago

The only time I need a Spoiler is for a game that I cannot beat....which hasnt happened since Oregon Trail and Super Ghouls and the way does anyone know how those two games end??..
..."The JOEY has Spoken"

Bonsai12144377d ago

i'll give you a hint about oregon trail. they don't make it..

darkside4377d ago

NOOOO!!!! i watched it!!
looks good:)

INehalemEXI4377d ago

So tempting. *clicks play...clicks pause*

Ri0tSquad4377d ago

Ohh well. Curiosity for ya.

HeartlesskizZ4377d ago

wow that was good...I wont say anything about it but way to go Dante =D

xionpunk4377d ago

I want to click it so bad, but i can't bring myself to spoil the game. Need to get this fast.

belal4377d ago

cant wait for the game man =) this scene rocked like hell man !!! Dante rocks !!!

HeartlesskizZ4377d ago

I really not into Nero but Dante still the old Dante I know and like to play with =D

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