Dead Space 3 And Co-op: Will It Blend?

GP writer Sean Dimagiba discusses whether co-op will be beneficial or not for Dead Space 3.

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Hellsvacancy2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

Im not keen on the idea, wheres the horror, when you can all of a sudden strike a conversation with your co-op buddy about, i dunno, another game perhaps, or what youve been doing all day, its going to take you away from the atmosphere "did you watch the football last night?", "nah, i went out, got smashed, oh look, theres one of those creepy things, better shoot it, so er, what was the final score?"

I know you can always play it "solo" (by yourself) but why add co-op if gamers are not going to use it

They should of added co-op missions for the multiplayer side of it, rather than the main campaign

"Theres nothing scarier than being on your own"

Kanzes2250d ago

It's optional for god's sake. You don't need to use it if you don't want to.

Not all ppl can play Dead Space, most ppl are too scared to play this game. And now, with this co-op mode, everyone can enjoy the awesomeness of this game (with friends too).

wallis2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

But the point of a horror game is to be scary. If its too scary for you and you don't like it then it just means you don't click with the genre. It's like saying that call of duty has too much action for some people so they should have a pacifist mode where you tickle your enemies to the ground instead. If a horror game is too scary then it's being a good horror game. Not everyone can be pleased all the time and there and loads of games out there catering to action, strategy, adventure and a load of other experiences. If dead space is too scary go play one of the billion good games in another category. Until then dead space is a nice entry in a seriously malnourished genre so can we let one franchise flourish before we rape it in the name of appeasing people who have no grasp of "genre".