Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed Wii U Features Revealed

With no Mario Kart Wii U in sight (yet), Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed looks set to corner the colourful, arcade racing sector for at least a few months when it launched on Nintendo's upcoming home console, the Wii U – and if it's anything like it's predecessor, it'll certainly be a worthy contender for the racing crown. Following along the same lines as the famous plumber's game, you get to choose one of your favourite Sega characters from years gone by, and jump into their themed vehicles, before heading off round a course filled with leaps, giant whales and falling rocks – all while bombarding your opponents with eccentric power-ups such as boxing gloves, stars that turn their screens upside down and rainbows to obscure their view. But this time round, you're not just limited to racing on the ground, as the new transforming vehicles let you take to the seas and the skies for even more madcap motorsports.

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CaptainN2277d ago

I also heard it will support Mii's !