The next gen now: indie gaming's finest on the future of XBLA

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Yi-Long2279d ago

... if OUYA becomes a big success, and lures away all the talented indie-developers to choose that platform because of less hassle, more potential buyers.

I'd really love it if games like Super Meat Boy, Trials Evo, Machinarium, ilomilo, and all those other classics, would come to OUYA, and probably at a lower price than the current pricing on XBLA/PSN.

Bigpappy2279d ago

You sound rather optimistic about the success of OUYA.

I don't see the indie guys moving away fro XBLA unless OUYA becomes the choice for gamers to go play indie games. It is the fan base, who determines where the indie put their games. The price point of indie games on consoles is not what is hurting developer. It is the massive amount of shovel ware you have to play skim through to find a decent game.

Fruit Ninja, Trails, ilomio and Super Meat boy all made money on consoles, some more than others.