Smash Bros. Behaving Badly

IGN writes: "While we had no problem starting up (and eventually falling in love with) Smash Bros. Brawl, just released to Japan yesterday, Japanese game site Mantan Web reports that a few buyers have been having some trouble with the game."

wiizy6018d ago

i wouldnt be suprise if its just sony fanboys making up stories since smash bros is killing devil may cry in sales

decapitator6018d ago (Edited 6018d ago )

The game is on the Xbox 360 as well and PS3. So I fail to see your logic in saying DMC4 sales are hurting and also disagree with your "Sonyfanboy" comment as the story is coming from the IGN wii team.

decapitator6018d ago

And by the game, I mean DMC4. Wow, people disagree with the comments about, care to give an explanation as to why that is or have I posted a forbidden territory ?

Alcaponeyou6018d ago

so delusional? SSBB is a system seller no doubt.

JohnRico6018d ago

Nah Nintendo said there will be bugs with the shipped game in Japan which is probably why it was delayed in the U.S.

OC Shock Value6018d ago

Im sittin here like a 7 year old waiting 2 open his xmas presents waitin 4 this game.. damnit i want perfection..

jackdoe6018d ago

The bug isn't even that bad of a bug. Not to mention if you are in the US, the game is coming out in two months, plenty of time to remove this bug, and if you live in Eu, you have six months to a year for this bug to get ironed out.

f7ss16018d ago

ive never tried a smash bros before, but now that i got a wii ill probly give this one a try

OC Shock Value6018d ago

well if ur gettin brawl heres my friend code..

Friend Code: 1497 5972 6181 1648

Wii Nickname: ShockValue

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Tekken Tag Tournament 1 Arcade OST - Nina Williams
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Tedakin766d ago

There should have been at least one Mick Gordon Killer Instinct theme on here.

Rebel_Scum766d ago

Should be some tunes from the first Mortal Kombat in any list tbh.

I really like the use of Mozart’s Dies Irae in Wolfgang Krausers stage in Fatal Fury 2.

azizlksa765d ago

Volcanic rim for Street Fighter 4 is probably my favorite stage theme


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JSusie5892d ago

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The end.