Guild Wars 2 - Thoughts On the Sylvari

MMOsite writes: Today (August 15) I got a chance to sit down and play the stress test. I decided to try out the sylvari because I hadn't gotten the chance to play them yet. The sylvari are strange to say the least.

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rdgneoz32277d ago

A stress test for 3 hours is not gonna show all of what there is for the sylvari. They actually have a nice personality, and are one of the only races that right from the starting personal quest have a grasp of the big picture, the fight against the Elder Dragons. They have their own problems with the Nightmare court, but they understand what's going on with the world and the Elder Dragons.

Also, there are 3 choices for the first personal quest and 3 choices for the 2nd, I don't think they could have completed the 2nd quest let alone all 3 of the starting choices in under 3 hours when the server is being beat to hell. Hell, they didn't even say what choice they made for their personal quests (or tell what it was about), just described it as based off arthurian legend which other sites have mentioned.