WWE ’13: Attitude Era HHH and HBK Revealed?

WWE ’13: Attitude Era HHH and HBK Revealed?

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Blastoise2308d ago

"and here is my crotch..."

SilentNegotiator2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

WWE '13: The Sexual Education Game.

But seriously, the way they pulled in the reins for 13, I don't think it matters much if "attitude era" HHH is on there. You could put Steve Austin in a game, too, but that doesn't mean he'll give anyone the finger. I mean, if you like the character, fine, but I think they're either going to rumor Att.-era HHH or put him in, just to combat complaints that they went too soft.

FutureWWEChampion2308d ago

The future champ is here lol roster reveal was amazing can't wait to the game finally comes out its gonna be great..kinda disappointed that kurt aint in the game but it's ok community creation sure will have a copy of him! Thanks THQ AND WWE

Outsider-G2307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

They're part of the attitude era so it makes sense. It would be wrong not to include these two.

hea_and2307d ago

My question is, now that they've done both the (kayfabe) WCW reinstatement in WWE12, and now the Attitude Era for WWE13, what possible storylines are there for future instalments of the franchise? The return of the NWO - Nash has been in these last 2 games, Hogan is linked to TNA, X-Pac is in WWE13, and Razor Ramon is consistently in trouble for either drugs or alcohol.

HollaHollaTagTeam2305d ago

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