What does Black Ops: Declassified have to hide?

EDGE - Activision seemed desperate to avoid awkward questions about COD's Vita debut at Gamescom yesterday, says Jason Killingsworth.

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swansong2277d ago

If this game launches as is it will have a big negative effect on Activision and Sony and the PS Vita. Sony and Activision need to do one of two things, scrap the game and get a first party dev to work on it. Or delay the game for a few months and send some help to Nihilistic to show them how to make a first person shooter that looks and runs smooth. I have a feeling the media is not gonna just sweep this under the rug.

CaptCalvin2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Then Activision never releases another CoD game on the Vita and blames the Vita audience for not supporting it like what happened with CoD on the PSP. They need to realize in order to gain support they have to deserve it.

chrisarsenalsavart2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

COD road to victory sold 2.12million copy on psp.
That,s what happened.
Before talking shit, try to get your fact straight.

And real gamers don,t judge a game based on a 1.5 min trailer.

psvita_JG2277d ago

4v4 Online and Covert Single Player missions instead of Proper Campaign and no mention of Zombies. They also want us to pay the full price of £39.99 when we could just get BO2 with up to 18 player online , Zombies and Story Campaign.
Thats what i took from a 1.5 min trailer!

psvita_JG2277d ago

Exactly, I agree with what you say. I just wished Sony didnt get rid of Zipper Interactive and they made the COD on Vita. They would of done a better job than Nihilistic. The Graphics look pretty bad and no mention of Zombies also 4v4 Online.
Zipper made Socom FTB 3 have 8v8 on PSP and it was probably the best Online game on PSP along side Resistance Retribution.

cpayne932277d ago

Pretty sure zipper didn't make fb3, they made 1 and 2. I believe Slant six made tactical strike and fb3.

Soldierone2277d ago

Slant Six did make the PSP versions of Socom, however Zipper made Unit 13 which is a really awesome game. Visually looks awesome, it just needs solid online play to go with it and it'd blow this COD out of the water.

They should have given the game to Zipper, let them use that engine, and create 8v8 AT LEAST online. Honestly 4v4 doesn't sound bad, but playing Resistance like that got old fast.

HammadTheBeast2277d ago

PSP Medal of Honor games were amazingly fun online, 24 or 32 player, I cant remember, but they were really fun, at least until the hackers ruined it. The maps were great as well.

bub162277d ago

they should hide the whole game. it looks awfull. same as resistance but a new skin

r212277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Wow, even Activision staff know it's bad. Damn it, is there a site i can complain to?

Nevermind found their facebook:

dorron2277d ago

The fact that Activision hasn't spoken after all the backlash this game is having right now is worrying...

If the footage shown was pre-alpha or alpha, Activision would have said it already, so all facts point to a crap of a game being released.

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