How hardcore gamers are being pushed aside by the soft surround

Which is the leading next-generation console company? Is it Sony, with its energy-sucking PlayStation 3? Or Microsoft, the new adult on the block, with its slightly improved design doesn't go wrong that often now, and which has the exclusive on Halo 3, last year's best-selling game in the US? And for your bonus point, since Microsoft doesn't do a handheld, which company leads the handheld race? Knowing the answer is important, because it tells us a lot about where games are going. And the answer?

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wiizy4380d ago

nonsense....videogame addicts are complaining simply cause other people wants to play game too.. a gamer and have been for 15 years now.. and entertainment is for everyone and thats why i feel nintendo and wii deserve to be winning

BloodySinner4379d ago (Edited 4379d ago )

Yeah, right. If I was being pushed aside, by now I would own a Nintendo Wii.

IntelligentAj4379d ago

As would I. Everyone knows hardcore gamers won't be pushed aside by casual gamers because they simply don't buy as games as hardcore gamers.

saprano4379d ago

its cheapeast one out there and its marketed towards kids what did you expect it to sell.... nothing? i dont think nintendo sale's has a effect on sony, nintendo is in a market all by itself they could sell 100 million consoles right now and it wouldint matter to playstation3 wii owners dont care about the top AAA 3rd party games. so the way i see it wii doesint effect ps3..and ps3 doesint affect wii.

OC Shock Value4379d ago

well i have a wii and a PS3.. i had a 360 but its in heaven now with the other 33% of them.. but im the one doin the pushin.. hell if any part of me is being pushed.. its my wallet

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The story is too old to be commented.