Bizarre working on third/first-person shooter?

Videogamer reports Bizarre Creations has been pretty secretive about its next project. Until now we knew that the developer was working on two games for new owner Activision: one racing game and one character-based game. While we've still got nothing official, the character-based game's genre might have been revealed.

Posted on Bizarre's official website yesterday were job listings for a multiplayer and single-player level designer. Nothing too much being given away there, but top of the list of skills ideal for the jobs is a "Proven ability to design and create engaging gaming experiences (preferably a 1st/3rd person shooter)".

So, could one of Bizarre's first Activision games be a third or first-person shooter based around an existing character? Could it be the much rumoured action game based on the James Bond licence Activision acquired in 2006?

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sonarus4374d ago

if its bond related it better be bond related. I have only played one good bond game since golden eye was everything or nothing. Games like bond are better in 3rd person perspective if done right. IF sony got lisense to do bond games they should just hand it over to naught dog i can totally see the uncharted engine making a hell of a bond game

Rhezin4373d ago

Hell no, you keep on poppin out those Geometry Wars, Bizzare.

i Shank u4373d ago

after playing the club demo, shooters dont seem to be bizarre's bag. heck, the aiming system seems ripped from a ps1 game