Daily Reaction: Are You Hurting the Games Industry?

With the news that IO Interactive have tweaked levels in Hitman Absolution due to the huge backlash the infamous “Attack of The Saints”/Sexy Nuns trailer caused, Daily Reaction takes a look at other examples of where developers have caved under public pressure, and whether it is a beneficial thing for the industry, or one that ruins creativity or controversial games. - PSLS

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Foolsjoker2279d ago

I have a feeling this might spark up some serious "discussions" here. *Flameshield activate!

ftwrthtx2279d ago

If we knew in advance that a book had a bad ending, should the writer change it?

Why give up their creativity?

doctorstrange2279d ago

Well Sir Arthur Conan Doyle did bring back Sherlock Holmes due to public pressure, altering the ending of the story (not because it was bad, but because people wanted more)

Foolsjoker2279d ago

But it could also be argued that the impact of the Sherlock novels were lessened by the fact he does come back. Feeling a true tragedy is what made things like FF7 so impactful.

taquito2279d ago

[email protected] peoples feelings!!

art cares not for the weak minded

knifefight2278d ago

No, I'm hurting gamers. They need it.