Shuhei Yoshida Discusses Cross Buy and Other Plans for Japan

Sony development head promises lots of quality PS3 titles this year and next.

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CandyCaptain2279d ago

Wait wait wait!!...You telling me cross-buy is just for Europe right now?! <.<' Did not know this before I read this.

CandyCaptain2279d ago

Btw, to the disagrees. With that disagree are you telling me, I did in-fact know and was only responding sarcastically? Or are ya just bung holes?

HarryMasonHerpderp2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

Just bought Sound Shapes, got a free copy for my Vita.
This cross buy thing is awesome and makes me happy ^_^

Sucks if it's exclusive to Europe though 0_0

GribbleGrunger2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

'At present, this service is just for Europe, said Yoshida.'

Come on Sony dear, don't be silly now... I'm sure he's just building anticipation from behind the curtain like any good pantomime paddy, but I hope that's exactly what he's doing because this would be an error. He could be playing the internet of course; waiting for dozens of articles to pop up, written by grinning journalist just happy to get their hunger sated, only to then reveal it's for America as well. This would spur quite a swell of positivity. Rather like a child being told Father Christmas isn't happy with them this year and they won't be receiving any presents. then come Christmas day, there is a nice pile of colourfully wrapped presents around the Christmas tree...

God! That made me want to be young again

TimeSkipLuffy2279d ago

yuuuhuuu... Sometimes it's not a bad thing to live in Europe XD

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