The DNA of Dishonored

"Dishonored is not a completely original work unto itself, but neither is it the latest numbered sequel in an epic franchise. It is an original IP, but it is not without lineage and influence. In a rare show of transparency, its creators, most notably Harvey Smith and Raphael Colontonio, have been extremely up front in citing their resources. From former projects to hot IPs, they’ve mentioned at least half a dozen games that they say have a lot in common with their upcoming release Dishonored, and we’ve found a few more that we think capture essential pieces of what makes Arkane Studios' upcoming release so interesting."

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2250d ago
josephps32250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

Why did they choose Bethesda as their publisher. I'm so pissed for their past game breaking bug game launches I swore I will never ever buy anything with the name Bethesda attached to it.

Wait at least a month before buying anything from Bethesda.

Bethesda aka Bugs aka Liars

Locksus2250d ago

Surely you know the difference between a developer and a publisher? Arkane Studios is developing this title and Bethesda is only publishing it. Meaning that they have nothing to do with the technical side of the game.

timur2222250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

Are you stupid ? ZeniMax(Bethesda,s parent company) bought Arkane Studios in 2010,meaning Bethesda Softworks(the publisher,not the developer Bethesda Game Studios ,Skyrim etc),is going to publish any game developed by Arkane Studios.
Do your research before you post.

auen12250d ago

if you're smart, you'll wait for the goty, or "ultimate" edition to come out, so you'll get all of the dlc plus the game at a fraction of the price.