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Gaming Unwrapped Writer Ryan T Writes - "Most of the people reading this would do just about everything to save a member of their family, right? I know that if my brother were in trouble, I would tread a tower that has not been explored in eons. While Alto's situation is a little bit different than the one I just described, it's pretty much the same thing. You see, Alto's sister has been turned into a crystal by the curse of an ancient artifact. The only way to save her is by using an ancient weapon called Melize, a weapon who also turns out to be somewhat human. Melize and Alto end up striking a deal which would end with Alto giving his life to save his sister, but right as he is about to cash in, Melize loses her memory. Now you must work together with Melize to recover her memory so you can save the sister you find so dear. Okay, so maybe I wouldn't do all this for my family."

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MelonSaurus2278d ago

This review caused vibrations in my anus.

DarkZane2278d ago

Just 3 days left before we can get it ... so long. The closer the release get, the longer the wait seems.

gabbleratchet982278d ago

Sigh. I may actually have to play this...