David Cage Might Have Some Growing To Do Of His Own

David Cage, founder and CEO of Quantic Dreams wants the gaming industry to grow up, but perhaps, he too should seek to expand his own horizons.

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AKS2254d ago

The author seems to take a rather simplistic position of popular games he enjoys versus Cage's games. A more constructive approach would be to examine whether there is room for a greater variety of non-traditional games, and I think there definitely is. Journey is still easily my favorite game of 2012, and we're 3/4ths through the year now. I think there's plenty of room for more innovation and creativity.

BTW, using Gears of Wars' story as your example for traditional games being more emotionally moving and impactful may not be the ideal choice. I buy every Gears game that comes out and enjoy it, but it's not for its masterfully written scripts. It's fun because it's over the top and exciting. Let's just be honest about what it is. You're reaching a bit.

cleft52254d ago

This may surprise you but the Gears games actually have a fully fleshed out mythology and there is a lot of background and story there if you want it. Not to mention that there are books, that aren't terrible, written about the Gears universe. Also, David Cage games are glorified QTE events at best and interactive movies at worst. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy David Cage's games but I don't hate QTE heavy games.

There is nothing revolutionary about any of David's QTE based games and the way they handle sexuality can be down right childish. I personally feel like that anytime the game industry gets pushed forward it isn't by someone like David Cage or Jade Raymond that sits around and talks about how the industry needs to grow up. The people pushing the industry forward are the less vocal indie developers like Ed McMillian with Binding of Issac. I would also say that despite every bad thing you can say about EA Bioware, the Mass Effect and Dragon Age games push this industry forward with gay characters being put in the lead role.

David Cage's Heavy Rain didn't push the industry forward, it just gave us an overused mime. No doubt, Ellen Page the Game, I mean Two Souls, will be just as non-innovative as Heavy Rain.

smashcrashbash2254d ago

No I am sorry but if you want to argue against Heavy Rain and talk about who is handling what childishly you really shouldn't use Gears of War as a reference. Gears story was as childish as it comes, a testosterone fulled romp with people who are supposed to represent men because they carry big guns and shout about sports and curse a lot while someone tries to throw in flashes of family and friends in an attempt to show that the violence characters who chainsaw off creature's heads and curbstomp them for no real reason are human themselves while we listen to another long alien and/or monster story where only squad X can beat them and are humanities only hope.So if you have to use anything against HR, Gears is not your best bet. I know that I will be crushed under the weight disagrees but it's the truth

palaeomerus2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

Right Gears is just as childish as God of War and Killzone. And Heavy Rain which is also childish only in a post-Seven CSI detective rip off way.

Then you have MGS4 which is so childish that it approaches incoherence and even has has fourth wall breaking gags in it (not to mention a cyborg ninja "realistically" holding up 50 ton robot feet.) MGS is pretty much GIJOE meets Tom Clancy meets Alan Moore at his most paranoid and conspiracy minded, with visual designs by Todd MacFarlane, and then director Stephen Chow was allowed to put some silly gags in it only he used some of his weaker ones and saved the really good ones for his own movies. It is a goofy farce that tries to be sophisticated but only ends up being complicated.

NeoTribe2253d ago

How is putting gay characters in lead roles pushing the industry forward..... that's setting us back.. way back.. second of all, dragon age 2 sucks hard. Mass effect is pretty lame as well. Naughty dog is one of the great developers pushing us forward. Period.

DoomeDx2254d ago

Oh god.. He said ONE thing about the industry making to many shooters/zombie games (which i agree with), and now, every shooter fan is attacking him.

David Cage's games have always been unique, had great character development, made you care about the characters, etc. Something most developers fail with.

cleft52254d ago

Jason.... Jason.... Jason....

Real great character. Oh and ...Jason.

DoomeDx2253d ago

Funny how everybody brings that up.

Nice try fanboy

morganfell2254d ago

rant   [rant]
verb (used without object)

1. to speak or declaim extravagantly or violently; talk in a wild or vehement way; rave: The demagogue ranted for hours.

That says it all. 12 year old tells mature man to grow up. Man sends 12 year old to bed without supper.

Hicken2254d ago

The worst part is that it was off-base. A rant that shows the author adequately understands the subject is one thing. This was something else, entirely.

AngelicIceDiamond2254d ago

Well, does the masses want a game like Heavy Rain and Beyond? Or a sophisticated approach towards the character, setting, atmosphere, gameplay and more importantly story? I personally knows what hes talking about my IQ lvl towards those games is above the average gamer and same can be said about allot of other gamers on this site and others, but to the masses. You... have... to... explain...slowly.

Sorry but since games have gone main stream thanks to this gen. A growing up aspect in our games would fail, miserably. The twitchy cod kids, the explosive happy BF players and the cop killing kids in GTA will never know what "growing up" in video games will ever mean.

Dms20122254d ago

*Well, does the masses
It's do the masses, not does the masses.

Diver2254d ago

peeps that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

AngelicIceDiamond2254d ago

I don't care, if you can read it don't worry about it.

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