Sonic The Hedgehog Was A Villain

Among gamers of a certain age, it’s no secret that Sonic the Hedgehog was kind of a dick. But was Sonic the Hedgehog actually the villain of all of those early SEGA titles ?

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Kran2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

Yup. Totally the villain.

Stole thousands (probably millions) of rings from the land, took the lives of some well deserved powerful beasts and reincarnated into little animals that probably got slaughtered, and he just didn't see that Dr. Eggman was just misjudged and just needed some friends.


Did I mention he also broke the speed law about 1000 times.... :P

AlexGalbraith2279d ago

Niiiice... Someone who gets it, haha.

hkgamer2279d ago

stupid article... waste of time reading...
robotnik/eggman was blatantly kidnapping animals so that they could pilot/provide energy to his robots so that he could rule the world.
i know i am not supposed to take this article seriously, but atleast write something that could be a tiny bit plausible

matgrowcott2279d ago

Yeah. It's articles like these that undermine the importance of anthropomorphic creatures in our society.

AlexGalbraith2279d ago

Plausible? It's a game about a sneakers-wearing hedgehog who can run fast enough break the speed of sound set in a world where loop-de-loops are naturally- occurring formations.

I..I just have no words.

hkgamer2279d ago

plausible in the sonic world.
he just ignored everything and pointed out sonic was a bad guy with absolute no evidence... i know it was a joke but just make it sound believable.

Cajun Chicken2279d ago

Ladybird books told me otherwise.

Nexgensensation2279d ago

maybe that would bring life back to the series...