Free Xbox Live Gold weekend – starts now

"And it's for a good cause too."

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bigcupofSTFU2306d ago

ah yes steam is the best there ever was.

my brother no longer received the 1 month for 1$ for gold and he did not renew it. we are playing the free weekend. and once that is up....

its back to Counter strike ON STEAM . :D

ado9082306d ago

Wait I already paid full a year subscription. So if I bought a years subscription will I waste a week of that subscription on free xbox live gold week? Or does that week get added to my xbox live?

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bubblebeam2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

Maybe they disagree becasue they tried ringing up Microsft to find out, only to be put on hold for 20 minutes while boring music was playing, then got told "not sure" by the Microsft employee, then got referred to his/her manager, who also couldn't speak very fluent english. Then got told again that the answer wasn't known, and that they would call you if they find out.

Aahhh. Microsoft customer service, good times.....

ado9082305d ago

Lol this is ridiculous my comment was tagged as immature? Really? Whatever man. Idk if it's the Ps3 fanboys disagreeing with my comment or what but seriously man I just need an answer to a simple question.

birdykilla2305d ago

No it's only a weekend long so three days. You should be asking yourself why did I just waste $60 on Xbox Live sub, when I could of bought some sweet game(s). I stopped paying for Xbox Live a little over a year ago. Mainly cause I don't play COD and Halo as much, I hate feeling like I need to be taking advantage of my Gold sub, and some of it has to do with SKYRIM! Overall I might do another one of their 2 months for $2 deal they gave me recently when Halo 4 comes out. Heck I'm not sold on Halo 4 yet anyways so IDK if I'll ever be buying anymore Xbox Live. Certainly not for full price.

Here's the outrageous full prices for Xbox Live Gold.
$10 a month for a year = $120 WOW!
$25 every 3 months for a year = $100 DAMN!
$60 once a year = Borderlands 2!

bubblebeam2305d ago

Love it how you twist the price. It's like one jackass on ebay is selling a year of xbox live for $10,000, and all of a sudden XBL costs $10.000 according to you.

I do agree that it is a ripoff though. I don't have gold ATM, maybe once Halo 4 comes out.

ChunkyLover532305d ago

What the hell are you smoking? You can get XBL Gold for $45 for a year right now on Amazon. It averages out to be less than $4 a month. I pay more in bank transaction fees per month. I pay more for haircuts during the year than XBL, I pay more in one day for gas, than XBL.

Just thought I'd put that in perspective. Not sure why a Free Xbox Live Gold Weekend has so many trolls, I get a lot of PS3 fanboys are insecure...but damn.

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ChunkyLover532305d ago


Actually, there are tons of places that offer free checking, I just like the service at my bank and don't mind the $5 fee. I feel like I get more then enough worth for my $35 a year with Xbox Live, there are the other options that you spoke of if people cant afford Xbox Live Gold.

It seems to me, on this site anyway, people go out of their way to try and troll anything having to do with XBL, let people do what they want with their own money. That is what I do, I think there are a lot of things you can waste your money on, smoking, drinking, cable ect...

The bottom line is, its none of anyone else' business what we choose to do with our own money, and I'll be dammed if I'll let someone try and tell me otherwise.

I've been an XBL Gold Member for almost 8 years now, I've been happier with that service than any other service I've had, no down time, no issues, met great gaming friends, run a gaming clan, I cant say enough good things about it.

I feel like Microsoft had a clear plan for online gaming this generation, they "get it" in my opinion. I will leave it at that, but if you are going to be a serious gamer and complain about $35 a year, you might want to find a cheaper hobby. I spend around $3500 a year on gaming per year, its an expensive hobby.

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