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BBC: PS3, Glass half full or empty?

BBC tech writer Darren Waters discusses the disparity between Sony lowering their PlayStation 3 sales forecast, and their game division's first profit for two years.

"First, the good news: Sony's games division has made the first profit in two years. Here's the bad news: Sony is cutting its sales goal for PS3 to 9.5 million units for the year from 11 million. So is PS3 succeeding or not?"

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niall774823d ago (Edited 4823d ago )

and sony will use it as a PR boost saying "wow look how good we did, we beat are 9.5mil target"

atleast they didnt over do it like when MS said the 360 would sell 14 million in its first year

fenderputty4823d ago

If they're finally turning a profit on the system, that means we're that much closer to another price drop. Not to mention the fact that sales are holding steady through a usually tough month. Things aren't looking bleek like a lot of poeple were trying to claim last year. I can't believe how many people said the PS3 was going to fail. In a matter of a year the PS3 has caught up to and surpassed the pace of the 360. Great games and lowering the price to reasonable levels are only going to help Sony continue this momentum.

WilliamRLBaker4823d ago

It got off 2 generations of having 100m+ console sales and within its first year it couldn't even break the 10m barrier and nearly all of its most wanted games have been delayed and all the games before that we're scored low and sold low, it has a total of what 4 1 million sellers all of which took how long to sell that many? 3-5 months?

Meus Renaissance4823d ago

Sales predictions have been dropped because Sony made the mistake of assuming they could "educate" the consumers to shell out a heck load of cash for the platform. They realised this and dropped the price 4 months ago - of which now the console is selling decently well, and very well in Europe.

Where would it have been in total sales if it launched at $399? It was selling at a premium of $500 for almost an entire year, so its total first year sales considering it hasn't had one if recognised franchise titles launch, is acceptable to Sony and certainly impressive as a whole. But if you look at its brand, then you are justified with your criticism.

We can only look towards the future now, and how Sony will do in 2008 with a strong software lineup and possible price cut later in the year. They need to sell bucket loads of consoles - and the industry will start to put the spotlight on it when titles like MGS4 and GTA4 are released.

It's a make or break year. But I don't think its fair, from the point of view of the PS3's potential and future, to judge it on its sales performance up till now for the reasons in my first paragraph.

DaCandyman4823d ago (Edited 4823d ago )

This is bound to happen. MGS4, Killzone 2, LBP, and Resistence 2 will help the push over 9.5.

And with those titles releasing they may not need a pricedrop. Maybe a bargain (PS3 120G bundled w/ LBP & DualShock3)

rawg4823d ago

If things don't turn out as bad as predicted then everyone will be happy.

I'm of the opinion that a recession will actually help console sales, as more people will stay in to save money then blow a few hundy every weekend going out.

The Brave 14823d ago

PS3 is almost at 10million worldwide according to vg chartz.there is still 2 full months left till march 31.Ps3 will meet its goal of 11 million worlwide by march 31st.

fenderputty4823d ago

"It got off 2 generations of having 100m+ console sales and within its first year it couldn't even break the 10m barrier and nearly all of its most wanted games have been delayed and all the games before that we're scored low and sold low, it has a total of what 4 1 million sellers all of which took how long to sell that many? 3-5 months? "

Firstly .. it's on pace with the PS2 and the 360's frist year sales. Secondly ... not all games scored low, there just weren't a bunch of AAA titles. The only real dissapointment was LAIR. The delayed games have been pushed back to a year in which the PS3 is gaining steam. With another price cut, those pushed back game might be more of a good thing then a bad thing. Lastly, pull your head out of MS's arss and post in the other section where you belong.

zambrota4823d ago

ps3 has beaten the x360 in terms of first year sales (same time in the lifetimes of both consoles).

x360 sold 8.3 million consoles at the same time of its lifetime.

PS3 has been comforatably beating x360 for the past few months in terms of worldwide sales.

How long did x360 take to sell 10m units to CUSTOMERS?

sometime in March ,2007.

ps3 will easily reach 10m sales sometime in february ,2008 (a month before x360)

also dont forget that ps3 has the best lineup for 2008

WilliamRLBaker4823d ago (Edited 4823d ago )

Lets see what was the common attitude among certain groups upon ps3s launch....Total domination of sales with atleast the total obliteration in sales scores of all competitors...hmmmm

What was the common attitude of all games released on this said system when compared to other systems in terms of scores, and sales?

What was the common thread with the online service?

here is the games via
^ hope that search works for ya

3 games via gamerankings have received an avg ratio of 9.0 all of which are....multiplatform titles...

The system via VGchartz has only sold 9.62m and those are sold through to users because who knows what numbers sony uses oh they say sold to users but we all know its shipped.

lets see via vgchartz again 7 games in its year and 3-4 month life span that Certain system have sold 1m+ sales....most of which took up to 1-4 months if not longer to reach that sales mark....

hmmmmm so yes...the common thread was....hyped to hell it will destroy all competitors upon release all of its games will garner AAA scores and all of its games will sell massively, its online service will be the bee's knee's and will see massive sign up....that certain system with the 9m+ sales only has last count 3 million users...

Oh and last i checked you had no power here, I can post any where I want what I've posted follows the TOS but I would say people like you whom continue to tell others to post in the other zone are...breaking the TOS by telling them thus, you have no right and you certainly aren't better then me infact last I checked your worse then me....Because unlike you, i actually own all 3 current gen systems, and I actually play most of the games you talk about and dont play.

There is an ignore option if you dont like it then deal with it.

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Lucreto4823d ago

There is a problem with analysts there will be another who will say the opposite of what it says here.

9.5 million is very good as some here said it won't even make 7 million.

ravinash4823d ago

Some here are still saying its not past 7 million.

Maldread4823d ago

I just need a price drop and i`m buying a PS3 Sony ;)

From the article : "I don't believe titles like Haze or Metal Gear Solid 4 will shift that many more PS3s. But I do think Blu-ray's impact will begin to bite Microsoft."

Well, if MGS4 comes out before a price drop (don`t think it will, but...)i`ll buy it anyways, so the author is wrong in my case at least ;)

rawg4823d ago

I didn't bother looking up his credentials and just wrote him off as someone regurgitating gaming rhetoric to get hits from search engines.

coolfool4823d ago (Edited 4823d ago )

Yes that doesn't mean he comes and visits gaming websites but it does mean he has an influenced/educated opinion on the market. Whether he is right or if you agree with him is a completely different matter.

His comment about MGS4 is probably a relative one. I think he means that MGS4 won't shift consoles in the same way as the fact that the PS3 can play bluray movies.

I personally disagree with him. I think titles like MGS will shift a heapload of consoles, maybe not to the casual user who would pick up the PS3 for the bluray, but to the gamers who still are playing their ps2 and haven't quite had enough of a reason to get the ps3 so far. And there are potentially millions of those.

Maldread4823d ago

rawg - hehe yeah i think you`re right on that one ;)

coolfool - MGS isn`t for every one, but i agree, it will do well for itself and the PS3 ;)

I don`t really know if i think that many people are buying the PS3 for only the Blu-ray. I think people just discover it as an added bonus and that the PS3 price drop is the real reason for the PS3`s gaining momentum. Of course it can`t hurt that Blu-Ray is doing well also, but i`m not sure enough people have heard about it yet, believe it or not ;)

MikeGdaGod4823d ago

if they sell 9.5 mil, thats way better than 11 mil shipped

mintaro4823d ago (Edited 4823d ago )

one price drop to rule them all..... as for me, if the price dropped i'd buy a PS3 in a heartbeat, hopfully the ceramic white one