Black Ops: Declassified (PS Vita) Will Most Likely Fail

Since Sony revealed that their (at the time) upcoming handheld would have a Call of Duty game grace its presence, many have been quite anxious. Now over a year later a slew of details have been revealed. Despite all the new details it’s still clear that the game will fail. Whether it be the graphics, controls, or mistakes repeated, it doesn’t take much to notice.

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LOGICWINS2254d ago

From what I've seen since the Gamescom reveal(Facebook, PS Blog, N4G etc.), current Vita owners aren't even interested in this game...and these are the people who already have faith in Vita. The fact that Sony/Activision are banking on this game selling Vita hardware to people who are still skeptical of Vita is scary.

admiralvic2254d ago

Well the Vita and CoD are two completely different markets. What sells CoD is the fact your friends are buying, which isn't the case on the Vita. What will sell the Vita will be titles like Soul Sacrifice if they market it correctly.

LOGICWINS2254d ago

"What sells CoD is the fact your friends are buying, which isn't the case on the Vita."

Precisely...which is why Declassified will be a sales flop. You made my point for me.

Nimblest-Assassin2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

I doubt your friends will buy a new system, for a watered down game

Like I have complained before, this game has nothing good going for it

If they ported BO2 mp only... that would sell way better than this

NewMonday2254d ago

In the OPM the game is the 4th most wanted game all around after BO2 and AC3 (forgot the 3rd game) , to come 4th in competing with abut 50 million install base is not to be dismissed , MW always sells.

CoD and AC are the biggest mutiplatform games this generation , and the Vita will get deadecated games with original stories that tie closely with the consol games and with gameplay that is very close to the originals, and lets not forget FIFA Madden and NFS they will sell the Vita behind a bigger add budget then the handhelds launch .

The returning optemism to current PSV owners after the new games announced and the cross-buy deals will also help.

And we are still to see what TGS will bring for the Vita

LOGICWINS2254d ago

"MW always sells"

Everything sells. Theres a buyer in this world for anything and everything. We're arguing how WELL Declassified will sell. MW didn't sell very well on the why would it magically sell well on the Vita(a more expensive and MUCH less popular handheld device)?

I'm guessing Sony will give everyone who gets BO2 some sort of discount voucher on Declassified..possibly even a cross buy. I don't see any other way this game will fly off shelves.

Anon19742253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

Of course COD on the Vita will fail? Haven't you heard. The Vita is apparently doomed! Sony's doomed, the Playstation brand is doomed and I don't know how 75-77 million people bought the PSP because apparently they didn't get the memo that it was DOOMED too! I know because they keep writing articles about it.

tokugawa2253d ago

cheer up darkride, sony still loves you!!

now run along and write an xbox is doomed article to cheer yourself and the other fanboys up.

oh look, you have already worked really hard at it... but it seems that all your 360 is doomed articles/blogs were for nothing lol

enjoy the best of darkride people lol


you're just a silly fanboy... What happened to your blog site by the way??

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Mustang300C20122254d ago

The thing is that Sony pushed for COD not Activision and just by revealing that it was another developer signed on to make the game confirms that. Whether the reason was games not selling on the PSP &currently Vita and/or the main developers are focused on the console versions. Which makes sense but if Activision was really invested in it than why give it to a company that hasn't done a good job on any game they touch? Because they were the cheapest to invest in by Activision or is Sony paying for this game?

Soldierone2254d ago

It'll be just like The Orange Box on PS3. It will suck, then games will start doing better tech wise and sales wise, and suddenly Activision will have kissy lips while making it themselves. Just like how horrible The Orange Box was on PS3, then comes along Portal 2.

FPS fans are better off waiting for Killzone. It will be a full game. COD is going to be half arsed, glitchy, and pure crap.

Ju2253d ago

I totally agree with that. Sony bought it to get the brand to Vita. And it shows. The visuals are a joke. What is that? A old PC engine ported over? Go take a look at AC or KZ:M. Declassified looks like a PS2 game compared to that.

Not getting it, even though I love shooters on the Vita. Resistance and Unit13 my favorite titles. Shooters work pretty well on the handheld. But I rather get the games where devs put some effort in not just banking on the brand name with a quick "ported" engine. I was looking forward to CoD, but no thanks.

Tony-A2253d ago

The two biggest things that piss me (and probably many others out there) off is the 4 vs 4 multiplayer and the fact that Nihilistic is developing the game.

Hey, here's a big franchise making it's debut on a brand new console! Let's get the worst developers we can think of on the job! That's smart...

DasBunker2254d ago

From the vid, it looks like a half assed cash in to take advantage of the COD name.

Knight_Crawler2254d ago

I do not think its going to fail but it wont do COD console numbers not even half.

The reason I say this is because the hardcore COD gamers are not making any noise about this game and its almost like it does not even excise to them.

Another thing is that its kind of clear that most PS3 gamers hate COD...all you have to do is mention COD on here and it gets hated on so I think its safe to say that the hardcore PS3 gamers who bought a VITA will not be buying COD.

Also 360 is where the most die hard COD gamers live and some of them dont even know what a VITA is.

Dojan1232253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

The big selling point would have been multiple player online. Not 4 v 4 WiFi. I do not know 4 people with a Vita yet. While I am not a big COD player anymore, I was thinking of picking up a Vita for a FPS on the go. Oh well. Maybe KillZone will have multi-player online. Guess I am waiting a few more months.

Same problem Mod Nation had.

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topekomsi2254d ago

I really wish treyarch would have picked up the vita and just ported BO2 to the vita straight on. Maybe done cross play or remote play or atleast transfarring.

But no, somebody dropped the ball on the vita, the gotdamn thing is not being utilized as the amazing piece of hardware it is. We have been on YouTube and seen the vita play bf3. We know it can be done.

-Alpha2254d ago

COD Vita is even 30 FPS lol.

The game is all kinds of flop, but really, I truly dont care, and I never have. People are clinging on to COD to sell the VITA, but I dont think Sony or fans should WANT that kind of one-game buying fanbase anyway. Let's pump out the great variety of SP games, that's what I want a handheld for.

topekomsi2254d ago

I agree,def full on fail, i am one of the people that would like to have a full console fps mp experience anywhere in my house, or on my deck, or in my garage. Or even turn the wifi hotspot on my phone and play while my old lady spends all day in wal-mart. They made it seem like this damn vita was gonna be a ps3 in ur pocket. Not so much.

Straightupbeastly2254d ago

30 frames cod game on that engine will look like a 90s game. 60 frames is what saves cod

a_bro2254d ago

i rather put my money on games know....where companies put their care on their franchises, like you know....Assassin's Creed Liberation... not this shit....

Knight_Crawler2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

LMFAO - Sure Ubisoft loves you.

Assassin Creed to me is also a milked franchise and TBH I do not see much improvement from each game.

Assassin's Creed

Assassin's Creed: Altaïr's Chronicles

Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

Assassin's Creed II

Assassin's Creed II: Discovery

Assassin's Creed III

Assassin's Creed III: Liberation

Assassin's Creed II Multiplayer

Assassin's Creed: Lost Legacy

Assassin's Creed: Project Legacy

Assassin's Creed Recollection

Assassin's Creed: Revelations

BlaqMagiq242253d ago

Have you not seen the gameplay trailers for ACIII? Compare that to ACII and you will see a huge difference. Not only are they on two different engines, they definitely do not play the same.

noprin2253d ago

well I liked each assassin's creed(I didn't played psp version) game and enjoyed playing them.
As long as it is enjoyable why shouldn't they make new one

Ju2253d ago

Yes, they milk the franchise, and I am sure its safe to say they make less (!) money than Activision with the CoD franchise, yet Ubi is able to pull new features with every iteration of the game and advance the engine - and deliver awesome visuals on a new platform, the Vita.

Now, explain to me, that how the bigger company, with more profits and more resources can't do that, but Ubi can. Profit maximization, right? At least others consider quality too, not just profits.

Lavitz19892254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

This is no different than the COD games coming to portable titles like Black Ops 2 on the DS. Did that generate a lot of sales? Nope.

Just because there's a COD name plastered on the name, doesn't mean it will be bought by millions of people who purchased the console COD releases. (i think Sony thinks COD will push Vita sales...)

Things will only change if the people behind the main COD series will be the one developing this game. IF that happens, then yea, it will sell because people know what to expect.

Nihilistic? One is enough *PS Move Heroes*, Two is too much *Resistance: Burning Skies*, Three is a poison (COD Black Ops Declassified) that kills the system.

hkgamer2253d ago

not really. Alot of people don't even know what treyarch or infinity ward is.
All they know is that COD releases every year.

wanieldiik2254d ago

This games looks really painfully average. But that doesn't matter to me since I'm not a fan of the COD series anyway. Killzone for vita however looks really amazing.

morganfell2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

As I stated elsewhere:

The first the first thing that needs to happen is people need to STOP WATCHING A TRAILER ON THEIR BIG SCREEN SHOWING A GAME THAT WAS DESIGNED FOR A 5 INCH DISPLAY. I have a 42inch 3D Plasma for a PC screen and I know not to do that.

The second thing people need to do is those that actually own a Vita need to WATCH THE TRAILER ON THEIR VITA.

Face it, some of the loudest complaints come from those without a single Sony device in their house. Not all mind you but several prominent persons have been seen posting and pretending to throw themselves against the wall in feigned dismay.

Fear much?

Watching the trailer on the Vita, one of the things you will notice is the lighting engine doing a better than first realized job. The same situation occurred with Resistance. Many were not impressed with the trailers yet those that actually played it were surprised at how it looked in their hands.


Besides, and I ask this for the 3rd time, when has CoD ever been about graphical prowess.

And for the last laugh there are also people, mainly Sony hate mongers, acting as if Sony hung the success of the Vita on this one game. Uhm, that isn't Sony about which you are thinking. Sony is the variety company, not the one franchise trick pony.

Yes Sony is the one getting raked. You don't see this happening to Microsoft over all their Gamescom announcements. Oh wait...

Mustang300C20122254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

U might as well just say who you are talking about and that has to be the dumbest excuse I have heard. Watch it on a Vita and not a big screen? So what is the excuse for monitors on computers. How come we didn't hear you make the claim to not watch on anything but the Vita for Killzone, Uncharted?

COD is based on the gameplay and so many consumers on consoles enjoy the gameplay. Your right COD isn't garnered for the graphics but also the graphics are not bad as you and many fanboys love to claim. What is so ironic is how you are putting so much to defend with your one bubble about COD but looking at your history alone and you love to bash COD yet because it is on Vita being backed by Sony, OH it is just BS for anyone consumers or blogs to say anything negative about the first showing after waiting a year to see anything past a title screen. What makes this game any different of the scrutiny than games before it?

See just like that had to plug in MS which has nothing to do with the game or Vita for the matter. Hell not showing up at Gamescom has nothing to do with it but typical that you go off topic to edit your post to plug that in.

You know Sony may or may not be thinking this one game is expected to move consoles but it is ironic they end the conference with the revealing of COD. What do you call hype? It must be of some importance to Sony especially with a bundle so not sure why you claim it isn't possible they could very well be banking on this and Ass Creed to push consoles? Why did Ass Creed look good on my "60 over COD? Why do a lot of people who saw it regardless the size of their screen have the same reaction not to just the graphics but features announced like 4x4 gameplay?

CaptCalvin2254d ago

Yea? How come Killzone Mercenary managed to look so good even when I blow it up full screen on my 1900x1200 monitor huh?

Soldierone2254d ago

1 It's actual Vita owners complaining, not just other people. The complaints isn't "vita sucks, it can't handle a full game" its "this game sucks and doesn't use the Vita properly".....

2 I own a Xperia Play, PS3, Vita, PSP, surround sound, and TV all by Sony....and I'm complaining.

3 Normally they are able to upscale the gameplay for presentations. Render it at a higher quality etc. You don't see Uncharted or the other games on Vita looking like total crap during presentations....At the visuals have nothing to do with the technical specs this game is failing at in every area. In what terms is 4v4 acceptable? Friggin phone games have more players.

Diver2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

amazing the peeps that can't read. even bold letters ha ha. what a bunch of kids.

he never said it looked good he said it looked better than people think. in fact he said in bold it was not kill zone merc. but peeps can't read.

he never said no vita owners had a issue. in fact he said opposite that. but peeps can't read. how many of you did as he asked? none thas how many. man its to easy to laugh at you.

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poopsack2254d ago

Difference is everything else Vita related looks better than this on a computer screen. COD has never been about graphics, and that is painfully obvious with the fact that activision cant blow a little bit of the Billion they make every year off this series to make a new engine for the game, sure, i get that, but everything about this looks bad, from the models (looking like 20 poly weapons) to the poor sound design and terrible animation. There is no excuse for how poor this game looks. And im not arguing against you Morganfell, people can blame Sony but they're not to blame for the quality, and of course they make a big deal out of Callofduty just cause its a household name, but my point is that theres no going around how uninspired and bland this game looks (so far)