Remember Me's graphics, set the stage for next gen

By now you must have seen this great footage for Remember Me, an awesome-looking open-world game that Capcom showed off this week at Gamescom.

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Christopher2278d ago

Really? I thought it was pretty average with today's graphics. On par with Mass Effect 3. Her walking animation was a bit weird and you could see sub-720p quality textures once you got close to objects (even her hands had aliasing issues).

000012277d ago

same, nothing to write home about. i think it looked good, but not next gen. but then again its arguably the last full year of this gen so shouldn't every game look good at this point?

guitarded772277d ago

Yes, every third party multiconsole game should at least look like the better games from early in the generation by now. I can understand new devs having some issues, but dev/pub teams should be sharing what they've learned working with engines, which algorithms are best, and hardware devs should have shared all their knowledge by now. I think it's interesting how so many want this generation over, while we're seeing the the best work from devs right now. I say enjoy these great games coming, and the longer we hold off next-gen, the better next gen will be.

SilentNegotiator2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

But this is Kotaku.

Sony "messed up" by giving away naturally, it's the greatest game on the planet. Classy, unbias Kotaku...Still totally mature about getting blacklisted. Maybe we can get another faked loading time video of an upcoming PS3 game if we fail to give Kotaku hits this week.

Tr10wn2277d ago

^like N4G is any better LOL

SilentNegotiator2277d ago


What's your point? That makes Kotuku's level of journalistic (lack of) integrity okay?

victorGma212277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Looks worse than Mass Effect (Graphically) but it's probably a good game. This game will release in May 2013 so maybe it will improve?

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killerhog2277d ago

It's just kotaku hyping things up. besides bashing Sony this gen, they also took an interest in overhyping

torchic2277d ago

and magically making up stories out of freaking nowhere *cough* Versus XIII *cough*

colonel1792277d ago


I thought that was a good move. The clearly did it on purpose to force SE to say something about the game. We will see if it worked during the even they will have in September, or during TGS.

Either way, since they said that is still in development, if they were lying it will affect SE more.

Jazz41082277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Sony deserves any bashing they get as they have been one of the most arrorgant corps i have ever seen.

Sony3602277d ago

Ignore the over-hyping of the graphics in this article and it still looks great.

showtimefolks2277d ago

oh hell no the game looked good but no way is it next gen, wasn't this game adrift or something if i remember correctly? i thought i saw something about it a while back

a 2013 release date

rdgneoz32277d ago

It was originally Adrift, then they parted ways with Sony and decided to do this.

OhMyGandhi2277d ago

yeah, but now it's "Remember Me"...hopefully people don't think it's a game adaptation of the Robert Pattinson movie.

Relientk772277d ago


you said exactly wat I was thinking. It wasnt next-gen it was just average this gen, not next

geddesmond2277d ago

Thought the exact same thing.

ATi_Elite2277d ago

can i have some of your bubbles!

oh good post (I would Bubbles + but then you would need a triple monitor set-up to see all your bubbles)

_-EDMIX-_2277d ago

I actually agree and disagree too.

Now i agree that the graphics don't "set my world on fire" but its the mere fact that its an OPEN WORLD GAME.

Now saints row vs GTAIV.

Saints Row by many accounts is the better open-world game this gen.

GTAIV has been known by fans as the "gimped" GTA or the Worst etc.

GTAIV LOOKS AMAZING! Saints Row...not so much.

It boils down to this, you can't make Open world games this gen like last gen, based on that there technically isn't enough space to make it multiplatform and have the same features as the last gen versions without stripping features and making a lower quality game.

ie GTASA was 5.2gigs (with no MP but split screen and clearly not in HD, and clearly not with the same physics)

its 5.2GB and then an upgrade to 6.8GB. Thats just not enough to make a true sequel to a GTA game or really any open world game that used up all its space last gen.

Even GTASA could not be done in mere HD using the same space, just the textures alone would make it more space then whats available on a single DVD9.

So my gripe comes down to this, this gen we may have had the graphics, but we didn't have the content, fidelity, openness and we for sure didn't have an upgrade to an open world game ie something that could not had been done last gen (entering 90% of buildings, destruction of the world using real physics etc).

And i'm a HUGE Kotor fan, i like Mass Effect, but i actually like more of what it could had been. The game looks great, plays great, but i don't know a sole alive that would disagree that it would had been more epic with the openness of KOTOR. Imagine a Mass Effect next gen, with a ship that you take from planet to planet ala Kotor. Amazing isn't it?

So with me, it has really to do with its an open world game that looks THAT GOOD! This gen (to me anyway) was always a Half-gen. If we had more space, i feel games like this would had been made in 2005/2006.

ChronoJoe2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Not modeled that well either. It's no Uncharted 2 that's for sure.

Bioshock Infinite looks pretty good.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2277d ago

The game that looks most next gen to me is that new Star Wars 1313.

Now that looks next gen.

Ashunderfire862277d ago

Star Wars 1313 set the stage for Next Gen.

victoryscreeeeeech2277d ago

I think its more like when the new tech of the next Gen comes, this is wat ur gonna see at first. And as next Gen progresses, graphics just get better and better. Plus I think this is a open world game, so with the world rendering, the graphics are nice

adorie2277d ago

I think the writer of this article doesn't even own a PC.

duplissi2277d ago

yeah. i think that perhaps jason schreier (the guy who wrote the post) might want to get his eye prescription looked at... it looked a tad under par to me.

ziggurcat2277d ago

it's also a game in development, so anything we're seeing right now isn't exactly the finished, polished product.

and ME isn't exactly the best game to be using as a graphics threshold...

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jc485732278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

they still need to fix the hair. Not a big fan of plastic hair. She's on the ugly side too. I mean, I've seen ugly people that look interesting, but she's a bit generic.


I gotta admit the combat animation is a bit awkward/stiff.

Merrill2277d ago

That is strange, because the first thing I thought about the trailer is that the graphics don't look that great, aliasing, animations, etc.

Afterlife2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

I think this will change your mind. Have you seen this?

What stands out is the lighting and artsyle. I don't know about the graphics though. I do agree that the animations needs a bit of work.

Merrill2277d ago

You're correct, looks much better in that game play video than I had anticipated after seeing the trailer.

greenpowerz2277d ago

Art and style aside, I seen blocky graphic, choppy gameplay with clunky motion.

ProjectDeputy2277d ago

it looks crap

horrible animation and the graphics are nothing compared to ffversus and beyond 2 souls

corrus2277d ago

Actually that game not gonna come out for WII U

Hanuman2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Well, this is what I expect WiiU games to look like in the futture. Thst is if it can run in on these settings. This looks pretty polished to me, I saw no clipping on clothes and hair and that's an achievement in itself. + a reaal cool feature is that the two lose straps on her back, along with her hair, really move realisticaly without clipping. There are no jaggies on shadows or objects, the fog and lighting are a step above the rest. It looked like a really polished game that ran at about 60FPS. Compare this to your everyday game. Sure they all look the the same. In the end a texture is a texture. But in the end the jaggy free world, 1080p, 60p will prevail. There is no concole alive that can run this game at this settings. I sure hope Sony and MS will keep their promises this time...

Knushwood Butt2277d ago

Yeah, if it's not on Wii U, it can't be next gen /s.

black9112277d ago

I just looked at it for the Fisrt Time. Looks the same As Mass Effect 3 if not worse.

ProjectDeputy2277d ago

whats wrong with mass effect 3 nap ?
the game was awesome despite the last 5 min enough said,