Steam’s “Big Picture” Mode May Reshape the Big Picture of What PC Gaming Really Means

Yesterday, Valve announced that their Big Picture service will be entering a beta phase soon. The Big Picture is a version of Steam optimized for television screens and controllers. Plug your PC into your 50" TV, and you can kick back on the sofa with a version of Steam that's designed to be readable from across the room, rather than squinting at the standard version.

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sonicsidewinder2254d ago


Great for people who want to centralise their gadgets.

That's what I do. 360, PS3, and PC all hooked up to one 24 inch TV. Not too big for sitting up close.

But this would be good for the folks who want to lounge.

BiggCMan2254d ago

I chuckled cuz my computer monitor is 24 inches itself XD Believe it's nothing to worry about sitting up close for. Many people have 27 inch monitors or bigger, that's the size of a television for a dorm room or something haha. Monitors are getting big lately.

FragMnTagM2254d ago

I am just fine with my 24inch monitor.

I have a huge very nice and big 3DTV, but I prefer my monitor. I have an XBOX and my PC hooked up to it, fine for me.

I use the TV for 3D movie watching and have another XBOX hooked up to that with a PS3 too.

I spend most of my time on my 24inch monitor.

SP3333D-O2254d ago

This is a great idea. Now, if only Windows 8 supported a 360 controller for navigating the Windows 8 and Windows 7 interfaces. Then I could just power on the PC and sit down on the couch with the controller, and it would be as convenient as a console.

BiggCMan2254d ago

I think gaming on my computer is already more convenient than a console. First off, you're using a mouse, it's much quicker than navigating through a bunch of stuff on a console because you click exactly what you want, whereas with console, you have to scroll all the time with the dpad/analog stick. And second, game switching is instantaneous compared to consoles. I don't know why you would want to navigate the large desktop interface of Windows 7, Windows 8 I understand because it's boxy, but for 7 doesn't make sense at all.

NeoTribe2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

The hell are u talking about? Game switching is the same for pc as it is for consoles. Take disk out, put disk in. Not sure how or why u have complications with navigating menus with a joystick or dpad.... how do u missclick with a dpad or joystick when using a console.... man I hope your pc came with a bright yellow helmet with reflectors on it cuz u seem to be alittle slow.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2254d ago

Dude steam updates my games in the background while I play or I can choose not to update and still play unlike consoles. Convenience of a console is plug and turn on not plug and play anymore. PC is very convenient.

SP3333D-O2254d ago

Don't get me wrong; I'm a PC gamer. It's just that when I choose to play on the big screen, it would be nice not to have to drag the keyboard, mouse, AND controller to the other room (unless I want to).

dirthurts2254d ago

I used Steam on my big screen (47 considered big these days??) and it works well enough. I just switch from lists view to images and browser away. Text is tiny though :/

DeadlyFire2254d ago

Well that's the point of Big Picture mode is to fix the resolution so that text is normal size for the screen. :P