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GR-UK: Full access to the the four character classes. Head-first into the new game mode Robot Slaughter. For a game under two months away from release, there's a surprising lot of new reveals in our hands-on.

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ReadyBodyReggie2277d ago

Borderlands 2 looks like a freaking Nintendo 64 game. I thought this was supposed to be "Next Gen".

paydayp2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

look just a good as all the other unreal 3 engine games maybe even better thanks to the color scheme and art direction it stands out and i cant wait to play it and we dont call it next gen no more that was in 2006 for next gen u have to wait 1 or 2 years

Danniel12277d ago

Really, you think this looks like an N64 game? Well then you either want act controversial or you're stupid. Neither of those are things you should be proud of.

Oh an next gen will be PS4/720 borderlands is current gen.

rawshack2277d ago

It ant no 64 game it's has a comic art shaded look that looks cool .give it a go one day

Jaybronee2277d ago

My wife is going to hate me when Sept 18 rolls around...haha.

paydayp2277d ago

im gonna hate u when sept 18 rolls around cause i still got to wait 3 days for i can get my triggerfingers on it:(