PS All-Stars Battle Royale Beta Patch 2.00 Is Now Live

DualShock Nexus:
The second patch for the private beta is now available and is quite large at 388 MB. The patch fixes the lag and bugs people have been complaining about and adds some new items. More characters or maps added to the beta in the future?


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smashman982254d ago

Thank you for listening superbot

Nimblest-Assassin2254d ago

I would care...


helghast1022254d ago

You should care anyway, they're taking the necessary steps to improving the game.

typikal822254d ago

Glad to see those glitches go away

Treian2254d ago

open beta please...:)

Relientk772254d ago

I need this to happen, or Superbot to send me a beta code which ever happens first

flavorbabies2254d ago

The private beta goes into early October and I wouldn't be surprised if the public beta starts shortly thereafter.

StayStatic2253d ago

My PSN+ expires before the beta and I'm skint :(

MoB212254d ago

I want new characters added to the beta!! Getting a bit bored with these characters at this point to be honest

flavorbabies2254d ago

Wouldn't be surprised if we saw some new ones soon.

ado9082253d ago

I don't think this will happen. If they continued to add more and more characters to the beta than there is no point in buying the full retail version.

Krew_922253d ago

What are you talking about? When the beta ends you won't be able to play it anymore.

This isn't a demo, so no, it wouldn't matter if they added more characters to the roster of the beta.

ado9082253d ago

@Krew the beta is pretty much exactly the reason why people will buy the full game. And that's just to fight with the characters they choose. Once people finish playing the beta than there is no need to purchase the full product considering you get the idea of how the game is already.

flavorbabies2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

Maybe that's just you. The beta isn't going to be everyone's make or break reason to pick the game up. By your statement everyone whose been invited to the beta is bored of the game and won't purchase it, which is not true. There are going to be well over 20+ characters in the game and the addition of just a few more for the private beta wouldn't hurt sales.

ado9082253d ago


I didn't say they will all get bored of the game and won't purchase it. Actually I said nothing related to the word "bored" I'm saying majority of people who will buy this game will solely buy the game just for it's gameplay. For it's fighting not it's story. All I'm saying is if they added anymore characters to the beta that it will spoil the full game more and more. That's all no need to get negative. Say you're anticipating to play with your most beloved character in the full game and all the sudden that character gets added to the beta. Would you still have as much anticipation in buying the game when you already played with the character you endure the most already? Probably not. Sure people have more than 1 favorites but what if there was only 1 favorite?

yami9302254d ago

Also to add, Items are more visible with a eye attracting white sparkle, sound effects have been tweaked for character moves, and I've noticed faster loading of the game, plus the game now ends right when the counter gets to 0 instead of the number blinking 0 and having the game go on for a few more seconds where kills and such do not count.

NBT912253d ago

And winner animations, at last! lol

yami9302253d ago

Oh yeah, forgot that part, now entrances of each character in the begin of the game play, as well as the correct winner/loser animations and scoreboard pictures, and the stage you play on serves as the background to the scoreboard