Gamescom 2012 Black Ops 2 Live Stream Replay Day 3

MP1st - What an intense night it was during 'Competition Night' at day 3 of Black Ops 2‘s Gamescom 2012 live stream event.

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SSKILLZ2277d ago

I'm impressed with what i see, Treyarch are really steeping up there game.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232277d ago

agreed. seen enough of these streams to know i am pre-ordering.

+ dedicated RANKED servers has sold me. gonna rent one when the options there.

the worst2277d ago

Same ol $hit

2277d ago

Long live MOH WF....cod is old and out of style.Same old crap again!!! 10-23-12

RickHiggity2277d ago

Anyone else irritated by larry hryb? He doesn't do anything, I just hate his face. But as for the game, It looks pretty damn good. That and the fact that I've gotten back into black ops 1 makes me super excited for this game.