New Release Video Games: August 19th - 25th, 2012 - Big Week For PS3 Owners

If you happen to own a PlayStation 3, this is going to be a very big week for you. Not only do you get the awesome Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, there is a total of 11 games releasing on the PSN this Tuesday, with the Dust 514 beta coming to PlayStation Plus members.

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Relientk773870d ago

There are a lot more releases this week than I realized

TrendyGamers3870d ago

I'll definitely be checking out Dust 514.

ForNgoods3870d ago

Is this the same one that was released on DS?

HammadTheBeast3870d ago

Yeah, you definitely should. I'm in the closed beta right now, and the game is intense. We're just getting ready to play the update that PS+ members will play, and it's just a whole different genre.

TrendyGamers3870d ago


What do you mean? Dust 514 is a PS3 exclusive free to play shooter.

TrendyGamers3870d ago


Wow, now I'm really excited to play it!

BringingTheThunder3870d ago

again with the random disagree!

Zha1tan3869d ago

Dont worry its just some random phaggots who are mad they cant compete on the MP of Fall of Cybertron because its a skilled game which rewards good aim and movement.

Spenok3870d ago

Wait a minute. Ragnarok Odyssey comes out on Tuesday? I cant find anywhere that says when it releases... :/

ado9083870d ago

Wait a minute Counter strike is on the PS3? When did this come out? Holy crap then lol I'm getting this game.

HammadTheBeast3870d ago

LOL, I just saw a preorder for it in the PS Store, and it's ONLY 15 BUCKS! Definitely getting it.