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TheHater4372d ago

the 360 may have won, but I don't feel like buy new batteries every three weeks for it. I need that dam charger.

AngryHippo4372d ago

....idea would be rechargable batteries. Most electronics shops sell them. That way, you only need to buy one set of AA batteries. PS3 controller just seems to have an issue with dying on me at the wrong time.

Cwalat4372d ago (Edited 4372d ago )

lets compare how much money you loose when buying Wii controllers and 360 Controllers compared to PS3 controllers ...

when i had a Wii i bought new ´pack of batteries every 2 weeks, here in sweden its about 14$ for one pakk... after one month i've lost 30$ on batteries for 2 wiimotes...

same goes to xbox 360 controllers..

and how much did i loose on PS3 controllers, id say about 0.3$ a month for the extra power consumption, it doesnt take that much time for PS3 controller to charge, and even if its charging u can still play,...

AngryHippo ^^^^ lol
those AA batteries cant recharge more than 3 times.. and u would have to buy a battery recharger and those cost about 30$+

4372d ago
LanRanger4372d ago

Man, you get screwed on batteries. I buy 48 alkaline AA batteries for $11 at Costco here in the US.

WilliamRLBaker4372d ago

Wow cwalat....AA batteries can only recharge 3 times? lol
And I can pay a one TIME price of 10-15 bux for a 15 minute recharger lol and those things can charge many many many times infact I have many many many AA and AAA that have been recharged atleast 20-30 times so far.

oh and i can get a recharge kit for 360 and i can play and charge at the same time.

actas1234372d ago

Not all batties are the the same.. take samsung and panasonic batteries for example: they only have 20-30 pictures life time(on a digital camera), Energizer and Duracell are the best ones out there they have around 60-90 pictures lifetime.. But they are more expensive.

Rechargeable batteries and a charger cost around 60 bucks total. So, when u buy that PS3 u actually save an extra 60 dollars and also 6 dollars for the price of that bottle of Advil (for the headache) lol.

sticky doja4372d ago (Edited 4372d ago )

You also have to take into account that when your battery stops recharging on your PS3 controller, you have to buy a new controller. While you might have not had to pay anything extra yet on batteries, you will have to buy a new controller eventually.

Some say Sony will replace battery if it stops working, but does it cost you shipping? And how long will it take before you get it back. That time it takes you to send it in is time you can't use the controller.

antoinetm4372d ago

The wiimote has the longest battery life, i experienced it myself, because i rarely turn it on.

i Shank u4372d ago

a 30 min charger w/4 of the good rechargeable AA batteries (NiMH i believe?) best buy for like 25-30 bucks. had it for 2 years now, only had to buy a 4 pack of extras for less than $10. and the batteries go in my camera and whatever else i need, so its all good :). besides for the amount of time its lasts, the ps3 has the best solution imo (its free and included!)

Covenant4372d ago

Those Play and Charge kits pay for themselves pretty quickly. Same with the Nyko Charge Stations for the Wii.

gamesR4fun4372d ago

18 h is plenty for us considering we plug it in when were not playing. Never seen it die but I always assumed it would only last 6 or 8 h non stop 18 is great.
ps it recharges off the regular pc usb and with the right drivers makes a great extra controller.
Havnt seen the 360 wireless but if their regular wired one is anything to go by there well made. Tho Id buy rechargeables for sure.

eLiNeS4372d ago

The 360 controller has a rechargeable battery pack you can buy for cheap with a plug and play USB charge cable. These rechargeable battery packs will rock the socks off any batteries out on the market.

sonarus4372d ago

ps3 battery life may not last that long but it really dosent need to since the batteries are inbuilt and you can easily charge with usb. i can't count how many times 360 batteries have died on me and i have ran around the hse searching for batteries pulling them out of remotes and such. I wised up and bought the recharge pack eventually but the fact i can't charge and play same time sucks

dantesparda4372d ago

The 360's batteries may last the longest but you either have to buy batteries all the time or pay extra for a charger and rechargeable batteries, no thank you! Same applies to the Wii and the Wii batteries go even quicker! They go quick! The PS3 gives me the most peace of mind, no batteries to buy and you have all that's necessary to recharge them right out the box, no extra charge. I just which the wire was longer, the thing is way too short. Oh and btw, rechargeable batteries go quicker than regular batteries for those that didnt know. And to me the Wii's batteries seem to go faster than the PS3's

wageslave4372d ago


Perhaps you should re-read post 1.1. The idea is that you should buy rechargable batteries.

Myself? I bought 1 Play and Charge kit (the USB cable also permits connection to a PC) and the Rechargeable Battery. Plus, I bought one battery for my other controllers. At the beginning of a play session, I take the controller from the charge-cable; and plug-in another controller.

All the controllers are charged, all the time. Never have battery problems by doing this. And, I dont have a lot of unnecessary cables around.

Play and Charge Kit:

About $20.


About $10.

BTW, you can get 3rd Party alternatives for about half the price...

JsonHenry4372d ago

So was the the PS3 controller with or without rumble function?

eLiNeS4372d ago (Edited 4372d ago )

@TheHater - You're right, the 360 did win! And no need to buy batterIES when you can buy a Xbox 360 Play & Charge Kit. The rechargeable batteries get more hours of use then the PS3 controllers batteries and will last as long. When they do finally die, $9 and I buy a new rechargeable battery for the 360 controller verses $44 for a new Sixaxis Controller. You do the math!

@Cwalat - You need to figure in how much a new controller will cost you when the battery dies and can't replace it and figure in another controller when the DS3 comes out. Looks like the PS3 lost this battle!

@antoinetm - Funny

@i Shank u - You think not being able to replace the batteries in your controller, EVER, is the best solution!?!? LOLOllOLlOlLLOl

@sonarus - Sorry to say but you have not wised up my friend or you would have bought the Xbox 360 Play & Charge Kit so that you can play as you charge. Then again you might have it and don't know you can play and charge. HELLO!!!

@dantesparda - No need to buy batteries all the time when you buy the Xbox 360 Play & Charge Kit and the wire is LOOOOOONG, maybe to long. hehe

@ anyone else that wants to discuses this more, DON'T, you will lose this battle of the batteries for this gens consoles controllers. Xbox 360 FTW!!!

travelguy2k4372d ago

The PS3 rechargable battery on ebay for $5.00, $10 after shipping. So, when my controller battery finally does die, i will replace it for $10 Bucks, although i will probably replace the controller with the dual shock by then.

P.S. i have 3 6axis and 1 dual shock 3, so i always have a working controller.

LJWooly4372d ago (Edited 4372d ago )


By the time you've bought all that, the 360 already costs more than the PS3. Add to that a £40 (or $50, for the US) per year online service, extra batteries, and some other costs, and what you've got is a console that costs significantly more than a PS3, the console that was once called the 'Pay'Station 3.

See what Microsoft are doing? No? Okay, then:
Microsoft are in the gaming industry in order to attempt to gain a monopoly in the future, and push out whatever crap they like, at whatever price they like, and people will still buy it, since no one will have the power to fight back.

Do you want that to happen to gaming? Me neither. Yet you, and countless others, continue to give Microsoft your money.
I don't really care whether this sounds fanboyish to you or not, but if you don't buy a 360, you're actually helping the future of videogaming.

Think about it. If you don't care, though, continue donating your money to Microsoft. I'm not that worried, but you'll see sooner or later.

I'll admit that I also bought a 360, so I guess I contributed to this, but I've since put that behind me, and couldn't be happier, because now I have a better console. i'm happier now, and a lot of people could be, too, but they refuse to admit it. Which is a shame, it just means they miss out.

4372d ago
eLiNeS4372d ago

No need for extra batteries, just the Xbox 360 Play & Charge Kit that comes with one rechargeable battery and then if you have 4 controllers altogether then you pick up 3 more rechargeable batteries. Thats it! Sure it might cost a little more but at least I can replace the battery instead of the whole controller!!! But then again, you have to replace all your controllers anyway since the Sixaxis Controller doesn't rumble, how lame is that!!!

M$ has the reputation of being a monopoly but Sony and Nintendo are strong with lots of money so they will be around forever. There is no way M$ will knock either one out but they will be a huge piece of the pie no doubt. The best thing about M$ in the game as strong as they are and getting stronger is it will make the others do more to be like them if not better making M$ to be better. This is only good for us gamers whichever console you choose.

Gaming FTW!!! Xbox 360, PS3, Wii! When it comes down to it, they are all winners in there own way and really I want them all to be equal since they really are all great, just don't tell the fanboys I said that.

dantesparda4372d ago

But dont you see that the 360 controller with the play and charge is basically what you get with the PS3? But you have to pay for it.

barom4372d ago

Someone mentioned that if their X360 play and charge kit dies they can always buy a new one instead of buying a whole new controller. I just have to comment on that.

Let's do the math shall we? X360 controller 50$ + Play N Charge kit 20$. Battery dies and you gotta give off 20$ bucks more for a new play N charge kit. A total of 90$

Sixaxis costs 50$. Battery dies. You can either buy a battery off ebay for probably around 10$. Or for most people it would probably cost 100$. Now lets say we get 2x Sixaxis since that's the most likely scenario, it would come to a total of 100$

So basically you pay 10$ difference for a whole new controller. I say that's a better deal. And the controllers are more likely to drop in price than the batteries (Sixaxis often costs 40$ on amazon). Batteries has had about the same price for a very long time. Controllers go down in price.

SeNiLe9114372d ago

@ barom

The plug and play charger doesn't die, it's only the battery that would die so you would only need to buy a new battery for about $9


wageslave, the sixaxis's battery is changeable, its in the manual.

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no batterys needed , just charged that sucker

Sexius Maximus4372d ago

before a battery loses it power. So you can buy a new 360 battery for $15, or a new PS3 controller for $50 wen that time comes. I'm delighted to own both systems, but I like having a removable battery...that in of itself is cheaper.

Legion4371d ago

I can't beat the XBox 360 controller. The rechargeable lasts forever and when it runs low I just switch it out instead of having to play with a usb connection hooked up while charging.

Of course if I wanted to then I could always pull out that usb cable charger if needed. But I prefer my quick charger and swapping that puppy out in seconds when needed. And the option of using AAA batteries is great too. Best of all worlds!

My Black 360 came with a rechargeable controller... so they could have used that as a comparison with the PS3 and Wii controllers. It doesn't say which is the best battery life for controllers that come with the widest owned system. Just which controller has the best battery life. All the different controllers should have been included in this sku.

You want to know which system has the best controller over all. People are realizing it is the XBox 360 controller for ALL it's options!!! It just works so well with everything. And don't harp on the D-Pad... who is stupid enough to play a game mostly with the D-Pad? I'm not playing Mario here... this is next generation gaming people!!! The D-Pad is used for switching options and that is about it.


Sexius, sixaxis battery is changeable. Its in the manual page 18, its instructed you how to open the controller and change the battery inside.
Furthermore, the battery cost somewhere between 10-30 on ebay. I dont think you have to buy a new controller.

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Sarick4372d ago

The contoller had AA slots and a battery pack standard. I hate plugging it in all the time.

Sarick4372d ago (Edited 4372d ago )

Perhaps you don't understand my simple comment. Or you just ran down this list and hit disagree without reading.

I'm stating that the controller would be nice if it had a battery pack standurd that would work exactly as the current PS3 controller. The only difference is you as a customer would be able to use batteries or replace the battery pack if necessary without replacing the controllers completely.

Your suggesting that the concept of mine doesn't give the PS3 controller out of the box recharge capabilities.

No I'm saying options to use batteries if you want A choice. The ability to use the USB to charge or use batteries is IMHO a superior concept provided you don't pay extra for rechargable capabilities out of the box.

It's flat out silly if you disagree because I'm saying what I would like not what you should like. It's simple to understand this concept because it suits everyone. The only side effect i'd see in this is a slightly larger controller.

Anyway please enlighten me as to why people flat out disagree yet no one has commented why? Maybe just maybe I need to explain myself better next time so people don't miss the point.

Sexius Maximus4372d ago

before the battery loses it power altogether. So you can buy a new 360 battery for $15, or a new PS3 controller for $50 when that time comes. I'm delighted to own both systems, but I like having a removable battery...that in of itself is cheaper.

HardcoreGamer4372d ago (Edited 4372d ago )

dude, trust me the ps3 pad is amazing ,i have all 3 systems, and i know although when playin wii it goes pretty quick but for some reason as i play quite random times on the wii, it lasts for weeks, another thing is sometimes my sisters play so i cant tell as much,,

but the ps3 pad over 360 pad anyday, i watch movies n stuff i always put it on charge,

when i finish i dock my pad on the usb charge cable, and when i remote play my psp from work ,,, my pads alays charging at home, while i remote play, FROM WORK !!!

do this in your every day work routine and i will never need to charge my pad again, i cant remember it being low>?? seriously soon as remote play came out its been awesome, anyway it takes ike an hour TO FULLY recharge the sixaxis, pad thats like nothing man comon..

if anybody knows about the wii and 360 battery changing, will agree.

Sarick4372d ago (Edited 4372d ago )

I've discharged my PS3 controller several times using it for online play. I'd leave the console on and and a few hours later come back and notice it unplugged.

Sure the battery life is great but it comes down to this. If your batteries die in the middle of a game you have two options 1. plug it in the usb cable defeating the whole wireless controller benefits. 2. have a fully charged backup controller to swap out $$$.

With an option for replacing the batteries you have the opportunity to swap out the rechargible batteries and continue to play without cords. I hardly see the point of having a wireless controller that requires a cord.

In my case the controller is always connected to the usb cable and only when I'm playing I unpluge it.

From my understanding these controllers don't recharge while in standby either. So this effectively limits your recharging timeframe to while your playing games, you leave the console on or you use a 3rd party attachment to recharge it.

In any case having these options have no negative impact on the current performance of the controllers. I hardly see why anyone would want to argue about replacable batteries.

Millions of laptops and cell phones can't be wrong. As for shipping them back to Sony for FREE replacement. The cost of shipment isn't exactly going to be used by everyone. Most people will just buy a replacement controller then deal with the hassles. It's like those nine $ scissors that have lifetime replacement warranties or resharping. By the time you pay for shipping both ways it cost you more then buying new.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4372d ago (Edited 4372d ago )


i`ve had both, this artical is sh!t.

first of all, the 360 you have to either....... a battery pack
1a. buy a charging stand if you want to charge multiples.
2.use packs batteries (that last about a week or two depending on how much you game)
3. If you want more controllers you got to buy more battery packs

Fact: $$$

second of all, the ps3 controller you have to.........

1. plug it in to the ps3.
1a. use one of the 10 usb cords you have laying around your house to charge multiples.

Fact: Free


being able to plug in the ps3 controller to charge it w/o buying anything ever, is one of the greatest things, ever.

and has obviously not been ACTUALLY taken into consideration in this artical.



4372d ago
mintaro4372d ago

of course it hasnt, this article is on battery life, not on how the PS3 controller is able to charge right out of the box

Anego Montoya FTMFW4372d ago (Edited 4372d ago )

because you OBVIOUSLY cant READ.

that doesn`t mean i`m a FANBOY.


i gave my $$$ to MSFT, my 360 died twice and i got rid of it.
if that makes me a fanboy then so be it.

if i still had it i would have bought...

-Mass Effect
-Eternal Sonata

and that`s it.

but here where MSFT problem is.......

I don`t own one anymore and NOT because I didn`t buy one.

Sangheili854372d ago

Sounds like a fanboy rant on how better the PS3 is.
I don't know me personally i like using AA batteries for my 360 i don't ever have to be restricted to a cord. Plus the AA last longer then the PS3 battery. I guess it depends on who you ask. I work at bestbuy so i can get a 12pack of AA batteries for like a buck at cost. You're comment comes off as pure fanboy. Hate to say it but when you come it the GAMER ZONE which isn't suppose to be any fanboy remarks and post about why the xbox controller suck shows you're true nature.

08_CiViC_Si4372d ago

comment in the open zone where people care about your drivel...

article is on BATTERY LIFE. you need to learn to read.

Chippathingy4372d ago

Once your battery in your PS3 controller dies, that's it, time to buy a new one.
FACT: -$55

Energizer 15 minute rapid charger with 4 AA batteries included - $25, and it can be charged 1000 times before performance starts to go down.

I own both consoles, but I have to say that I still think it was wiser for the 360 to have a replaceable energy source than none at all.

DJ4372d ago

Every PS3 controller. If the battery somehow becomes ineffectual, just send it in and they'll replace it free of charge. This was stated even before the console launched.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4372d ago

do people care about YOUR drivel?

w/ your 790 points? NO.

especially cause this is probaly your second or third account.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4372d ago (Edited 4372d ago )

cmon, now.

if your gonna state something atleast do it properly.

"Once your battery in your PS3 controller dies, that's it, time to buy a new one.
FACT: -$55"

Not true, my controllers work perfectly fine.

unlike my old 360.

"Energizer 15 minute rapid charger with 4 AA batteries included - $25, and it can be charged 1000 times before performance starts to go down."

times that by 4 controllers and a extra charging stand.
unless, the owner is a complete loner.

so now were at $100+ just to USE the ITEMS you`ve already PURCHASED.
but w/ XBL your already use to that.

Sangheili854372d ago

FACT DROP the fanboy comments on which controller is better and take it to the open zone!

This is the gamer zone Anego drop the fanboy act and go to the open zone where you can pray how holy and mighty you're PS3 is.

Drop it.

4372d ago
Sangheili854372d ago (Edited 4372d ago )

Thats nice. Take you're foul language to the open zone too.

mintaro4372d ago (Edited 4372d ago )

everyone can drop it now, no need to get all fanboyish, or start bleepin out swear words, its over now......he's out of bubbles

Chippathingy4372d ago

Your a fool to think your rechargable battery is going to last forever in your PS3 controller. It will die, just like any other rechargable battery on the planet.

And Sony will only replace your controller for free if something is wrong with it for up to one year. After that, your on your own, unless you bought the extended warrenty.

I've only got 2 controllers for my 360. That's all I need. My buddies bring over their controller when doing matchups. It's nice of you to let your friends bash away on YOUR controllers that they didn't have to shell out money for. Hope they don't break 'em.

rofldings4372d ago (Edited 4372d ago )

Chippathingy, what're you talking about? The battery in the PS3 controller is covered for life, if it ever stops holding a charge, you send it into Sony, and they'll replace it for free.

The actual controller - minus the battery is under warranty for 1 year, yes.

actas1234372d ago

My GOD, what the hick is wrong with u all, do u actually prefer paying for batteries? are u insane? Here is something for u: Go to best buy or whatever and look at the digital cameras there, check out the price difference between those that have an integrated rechargeable battery and those that u have to buy the batteries for them.. The price difference is at least 50 bucks.. WOw, just Wow.

Electricear4372d ago

You are partially correct in that a rechargeable battery will eventually die and have to be replaced, but you are incorrect that you have to send it in to Sony to have this done. In fact this is the most common myth around the ps3 controller. If people were to actually read the manual for it it clearly explains on page 18 that if the controllers battery dies you simply remove the 5 screws from the bottom of the controller, take out the old battery and replace it with a new one.

I once accidentally dropped one on my controllers jamming one of the triggers, and had to open it. I was personally surprised when I pulled off the bottom of the controller there was actually another shell inside with what looked like a li-on battery similar to the one in my old creative zen mp3 player.

in fact here is a link to the very pages in a joystick article.

i Shank u4372d ago

and say that arguing over this article, or saying this article is sh1t, is retarded. simple reading comprehension tells you :

A. The title of the article is "Which controller has the best battery life?"
it is not : "Which controller offers the best overall performance? value? etc."

so the winner will be the one THAT LASTS THE LONGEST. 360 lasted about 30 hours more then the ps3? saying this article is sh1t, is sh1t. dont be Rtards!

wageslave4372d ago

"@anyone PROVE ME WRONG. "

Ok. Here ya go, an objective analysis:

Or, do we go with your "feeling"? Apparently, N4G knows how it "thinks". It accepts your baseless assertion by 29 Agrees vs. 8 Disagrees. I hope N4G has something in the works to improve this "agree" vs. "disagree" sillyness... clearly, its not a measure of anything except the wishes of a dominant fantasy-world-view...

bohemian 234372d ago

Okay, instead of buying a 30 dollar blu ray disk you could buy the 20 dollar charger for your 360 and have the same setup as Ps3. Is it really that complicated to go spend 20 bucks after all the other stuff we buy for our consoles. I can't believe this is an argument. Yes if your point is convienence than you won. It would probably do some people good getting out of the house soaking up some of that vitamin D the sun has to offer anyway. I forgot there was a sun until yesterday. We live in a country where some people spend 5 dollars a day on coffee, I don't think 20 dollars that much. Not to mention that you can say free all you want but that 600 bucks wasn't just for the console. I guess for 200 hundred more you get blu ray and a rechargable controller. Does Ps3 come with a headset ?

Blackfrican4372d ago

PS3 may have the worst! But its the BEST! PS3 may not work the best, but at least its cheap. Anyone know where I can buy a cable that does 480P or higher with my PS3? Because if you want to compare out of the box stats, PS3 video comparisons would be nothing short of hilarious.

08_CiViC_Si4372d ago

this site is sad.

yes i made a new account. used to be nobizlikesnowbiz. still at 5 bubbles if i want to use it. but i wont. i could sign into it and use all my mighty TWO accounts, both with 5 bubbles to try and steal your bubbles or through out agree/disagree nonsense. but im better than that.

im no fanboy. quit pretending your gamers fanboys -- you know nothing.

Rocko4372d ago

Was all it cost me for my rechargeable batteries with charger. Came with 4, I always have 2 ready to swap when I need to recharge the other pair. So I never run out of juice on 360. Yet I have to recharge my sixaxis every other day. What the hell is the battery life gonna be like when dualshock 3 gets here? The rumble will drain the battery even more.

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kewlkat0074372d ago

So will it eventually die? Like my last 2 Ipods?

I really don't keep track of this stuff but then again I do not play games 24/7.

ThaGeNeCySt4372d ago

Sony said not to worry about it, but if it does happen, you can send them your sixaxis and they'll replace it free of charge.

kewlkat0074372d ago

no worries then as long as they do not "explode" hehe...I wish APPLE was the same early on with their Ipods.

Kleptic4372d ago

I was worried about the same thing last year when I bought my PS3...I didn't like the idea of it not having a replaceable pack like digital cameras or something (liked that it could be recharged, its just those things eventually do where out over a few years)...

I remember reading that Sony would replace the battery of any sixaxis down the line that dind't hold a charge anymore for free...and vaguely remember a number to call in the manual or warranty card...but can't remember what I did with that stuff anyway...

I have had 3 sixaxis controllers...the one that came with the system...and two extras...though one of the extra controllers was destroyed in a moving van (a dresser fell on the box with the controller in it, luckily only one of the 3 got toasted)...I know for a fact though that the controller that shipped with my PS3 lasts just as long as my 3 month old extra...the original sixaxis is going on a year of near daily use, whether it was left on all night by accident when folding, watching a movie, or has been on almost every day for several hours...I figure about every 15 hours it needs charged, but it only takes an hour to do it...if you have 2 controllers, you are set...with just one, I could see why this could be a hassle...unless you buy one of the 10 foot usb cables, to charge and game at the same time...

Ju4372d ago

I have 4 PS3 controllers, pretty much since a year now. No trouble with them what so ever since. The good thing if you have multiple controllers, that you always have one (or two or three) fully charged, anyhow. What's the big deal. I can't complain about the duration either. So what. You can play a couple of days. If goes out, switch, hook it up and play with the other one. I mean, its not like you play a couple of minutes and its over again. I am just happy I don't have to unload the batteries, hook them up to charge or buy new ones. I think its pretty convenient the way it works for me.

travelguy2k4372d ago

did you keep the battery out of the one that got smushed, cause if one of your contrlloers does die then you can just swap the battery pack (with a little effort).

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