Gaming Laptop Buyer's Guide - 2012 Edition

GamersNexus: "Buying a gaming-capable laptop can almost feel like an act of betrayal for system builders, but laptops are an inescapable requirement for the traveling gamer, students, and most jobs. With this 2012 edition of our gamer's buying guide to laptops, we'll provide laptop buying tips, examples of 'good' laptops, and help you understand what the most important aspects of a gaming laptop are."

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ninjahunter2250d ago

In before the desktop asses. M14x R2 is pretty legit for the price.

josephps32250d ago

Great article. Lots of useful info.

LackTrue4K2250d ago

that picture? is that a mock up? O a real laptop?

bicfitness2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

I've had two Sagers (Clevos) and I don't see myself switching any time soon. Build quality, price and customer service are exceptional. I even shipped the newest one back and had them pop out a 7970m (TERRIBLE drivers and Enduro issues at the moment) and only paid the cost of an upgrade to a 680m, no thermal paste or shipping costs; the latter was covered under warranty anyhow.

Took exactly one week. And I don't live in the US, which makes the turn around and service even more impressive.

P.S. 7970m goes up to around 80-90 degrees on average. Hottest I've seen the 680m go is 65 under full load (which 7970s can't reach on account of Enduro problems atm). If you have the extra $200 to spare, go with the 680m. Cooler, more stable FPS and better drivers; they also have an extra 2 GIGS of DDR5. This is coming from an AMD fanboy, well reformed AMD fanboy now :)

Treian2250d ago

gaming desktops are cheaper and better overall...

josephps32250d ago

Yeah I know. You get so much more power for the money but you can't take it with you on a trip or to school or vacation etc.

To get the same specs/power of a $2000 desktop, you'd have to fork over $5000 on a laptop....yeah right. I think I'll just stick to console or desktop gaming and just get a decent laptop that can play games at medium setting when I'm away.

Treian2250d ago

and you can't upgrade most gaming laptops parts.

hellvaguy2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

"gaming desktops are cheaper and better overall... "

In related news, desktops havee been reported as having better overall power compared with andriod smartphones for gaming.

In more related news, people have been reporting it's more difficult bring desktops back and forth from work/school and in generally playing on the go.

Thanks captain obvious for the newsflash.