The Nintendo 3DS XL: The Kotaku Review

Kotaku- Who are you? Are you a person who has a 3DS? You should think about upgrading to the 3DS XL. Are you a person who does not have a 3DS at all? You should get one.

The $200 3DS XL is a very good gaming machine, possibly the best portable gaming device ever, which, yeah, maybe we said about February's PlayStation Vita, but back then we'd have only been talking about a piece of hardware and its gaming potential. The 3DS XL isn't just full of potential. It's a well-designed machine that plays an absurdly rich array of excellent video games.

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Coltrane_C2255d ago

I swear Kotaku is getting worst every time the release an article.

YoungPlex2255d ago

Good review, thanks for some interesting facts and comparisons. I agree that the 3DS has a good library and will probably finish strong like the DS. I also agree that the 3DS is one of the best handhelds to date.

DivineAssault 2255d ago

they prolly got a free one in exchange for good feedback.. not that its a bad machine but i doubt its worth the $200 price, especially in the uk where u dont get a charge dock or cradle

YoungPlex2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

You would be right but the sales paint a different story; but hey who cares right? Sales mean nothing except the fact that every sale counts for an individual that chose to purchase a 3DSXL, and boy are sales going super strong. Basically, your doubts mean nothing! They're clearly stating that it is indeed worth it to buy one or upgrade; but hey, who are they right? You have thousands of people following you and have a giant website giving the daily news and reviews right...?

Either way, people are rushing to get it in EU, UK and Japan, and this Sunday it will do so in the US regardless of what you or anyone else thinks.

DivineAssault 2254d ago

ya cuz its the best handheld ever made.. Best library of games & features.. Vitas time is coming this year tho.. Then after the price drop, itl start moving units.. Dont matter either way cuz i have both so whatever games come out that i wanna play, ill get.. last year- present was 3ds time.. The rest of this year forward is vitas...

Smokingunz2255d ago

So the only good thing about the 3ds xl is its screen? It's stupid how Nintendo didn't include a second analog and a much higher resolution! Just stupid! And they charge u an extra $30 for the bigger screen.

I hope Nintendo brings back the gameboy that has a nice 4 inch + multi touch touch screen with ps3 like gfx.