How Cross-Platform Gaming Will Change The Way You Play

GameInformer- Previously, a game was a singular experience. Today, publishers see their franchises as entertainment packages to be enjoyed across multiple platforms.

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ThatsGaming2305d ago

I don't think cross platform games are going to change the way we play forever.

These games are like arcades of the past where you continually feed quarters to grow in the game.

Most people don't want games to become their lives. Most people prefer to use games to fill time or as a casual hobby when the weather outside stinks.

There are a set of very hard core gamer and hard core casuals that are like a hamster in a spinning wheel on these games, but, they are the exception (a very large exception, but they are an exception) that are willing to dedicate their lives to a single digital game to accomplish something.

Most people prefer to play a game, and when they are bored or feel they have mastered it they want to move on to the next game.

hkgamer2305d ago

i think cross-platform gaming as something that would be great.
dont think it would be that important, but it could help a small number of people who play games on multiple machines and hoped that their save game could be carried over.