Exclusives: PS3 vs Xbox 360

GC writes, "GC Spotlight is one of the few places you can go where only cold hard facts are used. Today we compare PS3′s and 360′s exclusive game using sales data and review scores. We will go through year by year and expose the truth and not twist the facts with personal opinions".

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Belking3944d ago

Everyone knows that PS3 and Xbox360 have no exclusives.

r213944d ago

My and xbox fans uniting together to disagree with you :O

saladthieves3944d ago

Was about time these A vs B articles resumed showing up.

ShinMaster3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

a) They're counting games playable on PC.
b) They're counting timed "exclusives" or games simply released at different times.
d) They're counting versions of the same games already released on the PS2/GC/XB.

They did -__-

3944d ago
Kevin ButIer3943d ago

Actually is a good reading, PS3 exclusives quality is top notch.

But adding kinect/move titles to the mix... its kinda lame, IMO

Gazondaily3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

Wow good article. It seems like both consoles have really got an even spread over the years in terms of exclusives and quality. The fanboys on here almost fooled me into thinking that one console doesn't have any games at all.

InactiveUser3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

This article's results were padded by sales; like that makes an exclusive good or not. They make it look like the PS3 and 360 are neck and neck in terms of exclusives.

"When it is all said and done it looks pretty even." My @ss it does.

360 won:
* "Had most exclusives in the year" (padded by Kinect, Arcade, and 30-40% rated games)
* "Had the highest total exclusive sales in the year" (sales #s)
* "Had the bestselling game in the year" (sales #s)
* "Had the highest top 10 sales average in the year" (sales #s)

PS3 won:
* "Had the best game in the year" (quality)
* "Had the highest overall critic rating average in the year" (quality)
* "Had the highest overall sales average in the year (sales #s)
* "Had the highest top 10 critic rating average in the year" (quality)

So PS3 won all quality categories and a sales category.

360 only won 3 sales categories and the 'most exclusives' category padded by poor games and multiplats (PC/360 or other combo; not 'True Exclusives').

sticky doja3943d ago

I just checked out and that site it so biased toward the PS3 its funny.

That site does everything it can to exclude top 360 games for reasons like "well Live Arcade games are basically HD PS1 games" but they include PS2 HD remakes in the list. It makes me LMAO that someone would buy that domain and take the time to keep it running just to spew their "anti 360" propaganda.

Fanboys trip me out man I swear.

mewhy323943d ago

Wow. I knew this one would stir up the bees. Look, if you love Xbox great, if you love ps3 great, or pc great. Competition among the manufacturers is good for us. Oh sheer numbers both had lots of exclusives. I'm not sure why so many n4g members get so torn up about this?

ShinMaster3943d ago

Funny, but that's not the same thing.
Those you mentioned are all exclusive PlayStation IPs released exclusively on PlayStation platforms. See the difference?

I probably still wouldn't count them though (if that makes you feel any better).

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user54670073944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

I'm sorry but didn't this article fail the first time it was submitted...and then failed again the second time

Guess third time is the charm


Well if other flamebait articles fail then this one should of aswell. It's only fair, just because you add Metacritic and VG chartz info dosen't make it any less flamebait.

Anyway this will will end up a hot topic, people will argue then get bubbled down. Same story...differn't aticle.

EVILDEAD3603944d ago

It's interesting that they fail this article when this guy seeemed to do alot of work..

We have seen plenty Metacric articles, sales articles, and a billion flamebait exclusives articles on that make it through with flying colors with some of the laziest research ever.

Many of them are flamebait from the title to what's beyond. But, THIS particuliar one failing is interesting indeed.

It's literally the combination of VG chartz and Metacritic..but done year by year.

I give the author props for many site will literally copy and paste one VG chart and milk it every week.

The only thing that should be noted is you can compare year by year but these reflect lifetime sales of titles and not what they did that particuliar year.


Christopher3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

Originally it failed because it lacked a lot of the elements that are there now. It got approved now because the author went back and improved on the article.

Edit: Just FYI, I respect you guys whether your agree with me or not. Just remember to discuss the topic at hand and not the fans behind the platforms.

EVILDEAD3603944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

@ cgoodno

Then there you have it..guess the guy got it right this time and there is no 'interest' behind it at all. I stand corrected ..because this one is actually a pretty good stroll down memory land of this gen

@ Mike

That's the point..The flame passes with flying colors..some of it is from you know the Kotakus and the IGNs as well as the no name fanblog sites..I just gave the guy a little props for doing a lot more work than even the big boys and the flame N4G standards like CVG and that 'fake' Xbox site.

At the end of the day, I guess that's what brings in the now got the 'Official' console sites joining in as well..

Honestly whats there to either love or hate VG Chartz and it's the same for Metacritic..this guy laid em' both out it's DEFINATELY going to get a strong reaction

But, what can't be argued is whether the games were released or not.


Anon19743944d ago

A bit of a thought provoking piece with one huge, glaring flaw. For sales data it uses VGChartz. VGChartz, the fan site run by the Neogaf user Ioi who was banned from those forums for posting bogus sales numbers back in the day, is notorious for getting their software sales wrong. Often when software data is made available by the developers themselves, we've seen VGChartz numbers off by more than 100%.

But as a fan site, there's no one out there to hold VGChartz to account for inaccuracies with their data, and as software sales are rarely made public - how can you even verify the data they present? All we do know is that when data is made available, actual numbers from devs and VGChartz are usually miles apart.

I applaud this piece for trying, but VGChartz simply isn't a reliable source and shouldn't be taken seriously. There's a reason no one in the industry looks at them. Microsoft's Greenburg once even mocked them via twitter. "LOL'ing at sales reports from VGChartz, why do people release info as official when there is no source or science behind the #s?"

What's sad is the site makes the bold claim "GC Spotlight is one of the few places you can go where only cold hard facts are used." I admire what they're trying to do, but you might want to rethink what you classify as "facts".

avengers19783943d ago

For me PS3 has the best exclusives, and that's why I'm always playstation first... 360 Has good ones too, Lost Odyssey was/is one of my all time fav rpg's, Gears is good. Playstation seems to have more, and usually comes out with a steady flow of new exclusives... that really hit a wide range of gamers.

Persistantthug3943d ago

2007--PS3 = 7.......XBOX 360 = 7
2008--PS3 = 7.......XBOX 360 = 6
2009--PS3 =10.......XBOX 360 = 4
2010--PS3 = 7.......XBOX 360 = 5
2011--PS3 = 9.......XBOX 360 = 4


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lastdual3944d ago

It's just a year-by-year list with metacritic scores and sales data, but yeah, these kind of topics tend to be flame bait. The article also leaves out downloadable exclusives such as Journey and Bastion, etc.

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