3 Things Sony Needs to do to Win the Next-Gen Console Race

Arsala Bangash writes:

I’ve always been an avid Sony supporter, but I have to agree that Microsoft won the race for the current generation of consoles due to a few smart decisions on their end and some ridiculously dumb mistakes made by Sony. To succeed in the next generation, Sony has to get a few things right.

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Emilio_Estevez2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

To me, it's all about timing and price. If they're first to market then it can be a little pricey and people would still buy, but Sony can't be last and the most expensive again.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

Not just that they need to make the hardware more like a traditional pc. MS is doing the right things preparing for next gen making sure devs have an easy time with pc/720 development.

And sony has no way of matching that streamed lined development since MS owns windows.

Sony needs to expand with gaikai since MS has an advantage with windows.

It seem next sony console will be expanding outside of the console and will be only part but still the main part of the experience. It's a big market out there compared to last gen.

DarkTower8052279d ago

"And sony has no way of matching that streamed lined development since MS owns windows."

Last time I checked games are developed based on processor type, RAM, GPU, video cards, etc, not an OS. Sure a game will have to be compatible with an OS, but games are developed around the hardware, which MS does not own. As long as Sony use common hardware and not the cell, devs will have no problem developing games and porting them **cough bethesda cough**

paddystan2279d ago

Like Jack Tretton said: "We will never be the cheapest, we will never be first. It's about being the best."

Emilio_Estevez2279d ago

Well I like the best, but that doesn't = money. Unfortunately everyone can't buy the most expensive and Sony has learned that the hard way it seems. Talking in general of course, it's pretty evident with all their electronics. Everyone knows that they make quality electronics, but they are expensive and right now it's killing Sony as a whole.

greenpowerz2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

#1 Borrow MSFT's approach

#2 Adopt MSFT's approach

#3 Copy MSFT's approach

A huge Kinect jump in tech and the 720 doubling as a set top box for cable providers make it hard for any company to match MSFT's built in head start with support from many industries.

Next Gen will be about which company is more capable of providing an *all in one* *multi media* *own the living room* strategy.

The Sony inclusion of BLU-RAY drives will look like warn ups compared to next gen. The App and service approach will start moving in the direction of Tablets and smart phones when it come to media and cross functionality.

MSFT has Windows OS's, Siverlight and next gen Smartglass as a head start foundation for 720. Service providers are lining up for a chance to implement a true cohesion with true multi media consoles.

Social online innovations for the core and smart casual strategy will override price talk, console release times, prematurely announced game line-ups and much of what I said above. And also believe it or not controller design.

I watch my game videos with Viaway on my blu-ray player and IMediaShare from my Cellphone on my HDTV. Little SmartGlass-like features like that start adding up with the casual consumers.

josephps32279d ago

Sony didn't learn anything. Vita is proof. PS3 was a disaster for Sony. You would think they'd take a serious mistake where you go from total market dominance in PS2 days to now where you are lucky to be 50/50 after 5-6 years. You would think Sony would never want to repeat such a monstrous error but the Vita has so many similarities to the PS3 launch.

They lost so many loyal Sony consumers. Lost so much marketshare. Lost so much goodwill. They will really need a homerun with the PS4 to stay even relevant because if they foul up again its going to be PS2 vs Xbox generation but in reverse this time.

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Wyvern2279d ago

To me, it's all about games. And I have no doubt, Sony will deliver.

greenpowerz2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

For most, it will be about everything as consumers expect devices to do more adding value to very expensive pieces of tech. It's all about offerings all around. Even TV makers and AV Receiver makers know this to be true and they know they lose marketshare without adding other capabilities.

You're basically saying if a Cellphone is clear with a decent plan, nothing else matters to consumers when it comes to phones in this day and age.

Have you guys been paying attention to the gaming industry this GEN? The 360 hasn't had a real price drop in ages while Nintendo is forced to release a new console and Sony another redesigned PS3.

Console will have to do much more than play games. Sony will have to deliver games the bulk of casuals and hardcore gamers want to play for that to have an effect on what I mentioned above.

pandaboy2279d ago

Pretty much true. Sony really need to do something big with Gakai; unite all devices and bring the ps4 and playstation to all electronics. I don't trust Sony to achieve this however, Microsoft will likely come up with the next development in this area with Sony following it too little to late.

Knight_Crawler2279d ago

Recapture the hearts of the American people.

Yes America does not equal the world but its the biggest and most important market for gaming.

JBSleek2279d ago

I believe Europe is either tied or a little bit more important actually.

Knight_Crawler2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

You belive wrong -

1. United States
$13.6 billion
The US remains the top country in the world for designing games as well as the place where people spend the most money on video game entertainment – by far. Its market is nearly twice the size of the next largest country, and sales are projected to grow here by 4.6 percent a year through 2015.

Edit:@ Vulcan - I never said it was. I was marley pointing out that America is the biggest and most important video game market.

JBSLEEK was the one to bring up Europe.

ProjectVulcan2279d ago

Europe isn't a country Knight_Crawler...

helghast1022279d ago

That same list even says "United Kingdom".
A mere part of the European market.

Jesus Christ man.

Lvl_up_gamer2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

Why do people automatically think right away that the word "America" only applies to the USA? America is a continent. Within "NORTH" America you have Canada, USA and Mexico. Within "SOUTH" America you have Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela.

The USA is a "Country" within the whole America.

Knight_Crawler stated 1 country and it's ranking in the game demographics. Why is JBSleek bringing up Europe? To be on level, JBSleek should be taking 1 single country within Europe like the UK to compare to the USA. If we are talking Continents then you could compare "North" America (which includes Canada, US and Mexico) Vs. all the countries in Europe.

Helghast102 what are you even talking about? Knight_Crawler specifically stated USA on his rankings. The list is of "countries" NOT continents. He is NOT comparing USA vs. ALL OF EUROPE. And if you are pointing out that UK is on the what? It's still not ranked #1 like how the USA is WHICH is Knight_Crawlers argument and a truthful argument at that.

The USA IS the #1 selling games market. Period. There is no question. North America is the #1 selling continent for games. Period.

How did this even become a string of what's what?

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ChunkyLover532279d ago

They are going to be in a tough spot because Nintendo is releasing their console a full year (at least) before any other competition. If Nintendo releases at a $299 price point, and has no next gen competition for over a year, they could have a 10-12 million console lead.

I think its really all depending on what people make of the Wii U, but normally new hardware flies off the shelf.

Minato-Namikaze2279d ago

If the.wii_u is 299 it's not next gen

ChunkyLover532279d ago

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Next gen has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the tech inside, its simply the order in which a console is released. I mean the 3DS isn't on par with the Vita, but they are still in the same generation.

Nintendo's president came out and said they wont make the same mistake they did with the launch of the 3DS, so I wouldn't be surprised to see at least one version of the Wii U at $299, lets also not forget that in the leaked Microsoft documents it stated that they were aiming for a Xbox 720 releasing at a $299 price point. Now I'm sure they'll have a more expensive version as well, but $299 is a great price point.

blodulv2279d ago

Nintendo is gonna have to come out with some seriously brilliant marketing for the Wii U when that thing launches... all kidding aside there are still many people that consider this to be an add on to the original Wii and with launch games that people can already get on the cheap with a PS3/360.

I think it's MS's turn to capture the blue ocean this time around and it's really theirs to loose. That thing will be a gaming/cable box hybrid from the sound of it.

Sony would do best if they cater more strictly towards the hardcore gamer and I wouldn't doubt that that's what the PS4 will be.

R_aVe_N2279d ago

He really has an unrealistic list of games he wants at launch. Nobody delevoper in the right mind would release all the big guns at launch that would stupid as heck. I would want NEW IP's at launch mixed with some of the Sony classics. I don't expect a 600 system this time around "IF" they reuse tech such as blu-ray and cell. If they create all new stuff it could very well be priced at that price point again. I really dont think timing is an issue if anything Sony as proved that they can release a year later and still make up a lot of ground, but if they released within a few months before or after the nextbox they shouldnt have many issues if the tech is solid.

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