“Inevitable” that first PS Vita games didn’t use it to full potential – Media Molecule

“We’re like lucky children” getting to develop for the PS Vita, says Media Molecule’s Mark Healey, who believes that many of the initial run of Vita games used its unique features “for the sake of it” – something they have avoided with their new game Tearaway.

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mafiahajeri2346d ago

Well Nihillistic must be unique because their continuing the trend. Well maybe one of those amazing creaters can make a COD game in LBP will sure as heck be better...

Knight_Crawler2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

Thats why I never buy nothing at launch - the early adapters always get shafted.

For MM to say this is a slap to the face of those people who baught a VITA at launch.

Edit: @ Solder - The VITA has not even been out for a year so we should not see that much diffrence in lauch games compare to ones that will be released by the end of this year.

This only means that launch games were half @$$ and rushed.

I understand Comparing a game like Resistance 1 to Uncharted 2 becuase years have passed but when games are released in the same year and the leap is huge then what else should I think.

Soldierone2346d ago

Not really. Everyone knew that games will improve and get better over time....if they don't, then there is an issue.

chrisarsenalsavart2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

sorry if i don,t agree with you.
since launch vita had a very compelling software compare to 3ds which for the first six months had practically nothing to play on apart from pilotwing, steel driver and nintendogs. and 10 third party
In its first 6 months western launch period, sony released 11 first party games +32 thirdparty games.
So why all the gaming media claim there is no games for vita?
Just like they did with ps3.
I love my vita, i love my 3ds. I just wish that the gaming community could give a fair shake to sony.

gaffyh2346d ago

@Knight_Crawler - You never buy nothing, means you always buy something.

There are some great games on the Vita. Wipeout, Uncharted, Escape Plan, Super Stardust Delta and Gravity Rush are the best ones available, and even Rayman Origins is pretty awesome on Vita.

hkgamer2346d ago

sure, early adopters get screwed with sub-par launch games...
but if you are not a pc gamer then the boost in graphics are refreshing and actually feels like next gen is here... if you wait a while, the console just wont have a big wow factor anymore. the price to pay for a brand new games console isn't too expensive in my opnion. especially since you probably waited a year or 2 for it.

miyamoto2346d ago

how is that a slap in the face, my friend?

games have their own control schemes & graphics presentation.

no need to force the hardware functionalities & features if not needed, right?

" It’s inevitable that the first run of games are not going to use it to its full potential, I think.”

Long time gamers know this & do you think noobie gamers care?

wow... have you been hiding under a rock?

I know a lot of gamers who are early adopters just for the sake of collection.

They have been allowing them selves to "slapped in the face" repeatedly ever since yet they enjoy it & they are still very happy.

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GribbleGrunger2346d ago

ah... the double negative. I bought it because of its potential and because it's a PS branded console. Can't go wrong with those

Shikoro2346d ago

Yep, only good things are to come. :)

hkgamer2346d ago

haven't bought my vita or 3ds yet, its a shame i wont see the evolution of those consoles from day one.
anyone remember what the ps3/psp/xbox was like day one? its great to see for yourself the improvements that are constantly being made

remanutd552346d ago

and i will be lucky enough to play your next masterpiece MM, Tearaway looked absolutely creative, amazing, now send me demo on a message please lol, i want to get immerse in that paper world and help Iota to get out of it.

As psvita owner im very happy to see that 2 of sonys ELITE studios leading the way of vita AAA next wave titles. I hope to see Sucker Punch, Sony Santa Monica, Naughty Dog and Polyphony Digital follow through this initiative.

ChunkyLover532346d ago

Well developers still aren't using the full potential of the PS3, sometimes it takes a while to get the hang of certain architecture.

smashcrashbash2346d ago

Well yeah. Isn't that the norm. Why do people act as if anything that happens is new.Developers always have to get used to a new system from the beginning. I have never seen anyone uses a new system's power and capabilities from the get go.

CommonSenseGamer2346d ago

Really, what untapped potential would that be now?

Hicken2346d ago

Why don't you ask Bethesda that? Or Activision, for that matter?

Or, for people who are actually TRYING and are releasing better and better things, ask Naughty Dog. People thought Uncharted 2 was the best games would get, and they surpassed that with its sequel. Not as big of a jump as some might have hoped, but a definite, obvious improvement. And The Last of Us, if it ONLY looks as good as what we see now, is set to raise the bar yet again.

I doubt ANY console's potential has ever been "maxed out" by the end of its life cycle. Whatever the best looking game on PS1 was, I bet developers could do better on the same hardware even now.

Humans LEARN- well, most of us do- and by doing the same things repeatedly, we become better at them. We learn to streamline complicated tasks and develop all new methods for old jobs. We improve.

We don't PERFECT.

Rather than asking if a console still has untapped potential, show me a console that can go no further.

Ben_Grimm2346d ago


"Why don't you ask Bethesda that? Or Activision, for that matter?"

Which games are you referring too? Skyrim is a huge open world game that had more options and gameplay than any Naughty Dog game ever had. It WAS limited by both consoles.
CoD has to have a limit of players online if they want to keep the 60 frames per second because of the limits of current consoles.

Every time graphics look better, its mainly because something somewhere in the design was sacrificed. So to sit on your computer and insinuate that Bethesda or Activision aren't TRYING is a very dumb thing to type.

BrutallyBlunt2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

Ben Grimm is correct, Call of Duty isn't even in native 720p on the Playstation 3. It's obvious a lot of sacrifices have been made on the consoles. Here we have Sony telling the world next gen starts when they say it does, they release a game console that can play 1080p movies but struggles to even play some games at 720p. Bethesda's Skyrim was a mess on the Playstation 3 and Sony is well aware of the headaches the Playstation 3 has caused developers. That's why they made the Vita much more friendly for game programmers and the Playstation 4 will also be much easier as well.

I expect Vita games to get better but the Playstation 3 is nearing the end of its cycle. If games do improve it's very minimal at this point. They still use many tricks to hide the limitations.

miyamoto2346d ago

Have you played Uncharted 2 & 3, God of War III, GT5, bro?

The answers are there.

But that is not all.

The Last of Us, The Last Guardian, FF Versus XIII, FF XIV may have more hidden potential too.

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kingofe32346d ago

No, duh! Games on any system will look better over time. It always happens. Best example of this is "The Last of Us".

Knight_Crawler2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

"Over time" Yes but the VITA has not even been out for a full year so this makes me belive that the first games were rushed.

You can not compare the TLUS becuase its been 6 years sonce the PS3 launch so games should look better at this stage.

@SmashCrash - out of bubbles. "I have never seen anyone uses a new system's power and capabilities from the get go"

I guess you have not played MGS4...Kojima used alot of the PS3 power to make that game and it still holds up to games today. Remember power does not have to be graphics but what the game can do in terms of gameplay and content. God of War 3 and Killzone 3 are purtier that MGS4 but very linear compared to MGS4 and dont offer much in mechanics.

Puddlejumper752346d ago

Duh. No console launches maxed out.
It takes years to max any platform.

Waiting for my own personal troll to come disagree and run off back under their bridge of desperation.

Gr812346d ago

Thing is that the same fans who say things like 'obviously the launch games didn't use Vita's full potential' are the same folks who go into a Wii U news forum and talk about how Weak the console is lol..Its insanity.

Knushwood Butt2346d ago

Nobody's talking about the Wii U...

Gr812346d ago

I wasn't talking to you.

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