Ragnarok Odyssey Includes Multiplayer And Other Free Expansions On Cart

Siliconera: After we received details from Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong about the English/Chinese version of Ragnarok Odyssey, we got in touch with Xseed to find out about the US release. We were told extra content like the Sograt Desert and multiplayer expansions wouldn’t be on the PlayStation Vita cart. We’re happy to report today that the original e-mails were the result of miscommunication.

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remanutd552278d ago

im not a RPG kinda guy but i have played and loved some action RPGs in the past and this game looks to be a really good action/RPG game so i will be getting it, does it support co op or how the online multiplayer works?

bicfitness2278d ago

Lobbied multiplayer, online. Sort of of like the Geos and grouping system in WKC. 4 player party cap, I think.

dorron2278d ago

Is this a Monster Hunter clone? it seems so to me...

Ult iMate2278d ago

If Capcom doesn't want to have some money for its' famous RPG franchise, why should Vita's owners wait for Capcom's favor?
Also Mohun established somewhat a new niche in the RPG genre and there are already some games in that genre aside of Mohun. So RO is not a clone - it's a game in the same genre.

guitarded772278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

Capcom are working on Monster Hunter for Vita... just sayin'.

On Topic: I've been waiting for Ragnarok to hit the States for a while now. Wish they'd give an official release date already. Amazon pushed their place holder date from the end of August to October. I wanted it to come out during the summer because there are few Vita games right now, and Ragnarok wouldn't have to compete with all the holiday games.

jon12342278d ago

@guitarded77 so theyre making MH for vita... knowing capcom theyre only going to release it in japan..........

wishingW3L2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

nothing wrong with it but the game's obviously a clone. But this one looks much more colorful which is a plus!

Qrphe2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

Jeopardy: What is Phantasy Star Online?

These newer breed of gamers think that just because it has giant monsters and coop it makes itt a MH clone

dorron2278d ago


How do you disagree with a question? I was just asking 'cause I wanted to know.

Couldn't anybody just say: "Yes, it's a clone" or "No, it is not".

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Digitech2278d ago

I'll be getting this gem as well!!! Love this..

feeter2278d ago

Will support the Vita so will be getting this to add to the other 19 titles i have

Dir_en_grey2278d ago

WTF why can't they just give us a release date already.
It was supposed to be released this month.
Why do companies like to do this? There's no reason for delaying it. Just release the damn game already.

Give us a friggin release date so I don't have to get pissed off ever time I see an article on this and see that there is STILL NO RELEASE DATE announced...

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