Spector still wants Epic Mickey HD, needs your help


Warren Spector, long-term industry survivor and creative director of Disney's Junction Point Studios, still wants to do a high definition version of Wii-exclusive Epic Mickey for other consoles.

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Axonometri2278d ago

Epic Mickey on HD platform or PC would be great. But I'm more interested in a"Duck" game. Imagination goes wild with ideas with a certain character, his traits and behavior. What an awesome idea for a new game. Green-light that.

sinncross2277d ago

I am all for an HD version of EM.

AdrianJNYC2277d ago

I would love to see a HD version of Epic Mickey.

Toman852277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

I did like some parts of the game on Wii, so yes to a HD remake on PS3/X360 :)

ChunkyLover532277d ago

I already played it on the Wii, I actually really liked it. An HD version probably wouldn't really add much to the experience, but if would give people without a Wii (if there are any) a chance to play the game.

Skate-AK2277d ago

HD with Move and I'll buy it.